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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2362

PUBLIC LAW 100-485—OCT. 13, 1988

course of such participation. If the State agency exercises the option under the preceding sentence, the State agency must give the participant such assistance as he or she may require in reviewing and understanding the agreement. "(3) The State agency may assign a case manager to each participant and the participant's family. The case manager so eussigned must be responsible for assisting the family to obtain any services which may be needed to assure effective participation in the program. "(c) PROVISION OF PROGRAM AND EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION.—(1)

The State agency must ensure that all applicants for and recipients of aid to families with dependent children are encouraged, assisted, and required to fulfill their responsibilities to support their children by preparing for, accepting, and retaining such employment as they are capable of performing. "(2) The State agency must inform all applicants for and recipients of aid to families with dependent children of the education, employment, and training opportunities, and the support services (including child care and health coverage transition options), for which they are eligible, the obligations of the State agency, and the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of participants in the program. "(3) The State agency must— "(A) provide (directly or through arrangements with others) information on the types and locations of child care services reasonably accessible to participants in the program, "(B) inform participants that assistance is available to help them select appropriate child care services, and "(C) on request, provide assistance to participants in obtaining child care services. "(4) The State agency must inform applicants for and recipients of aid to families with dependent children of the grounds for exemption from participation in the program and the consequences of refusal to participate if not exempt, and provide other appropriate information with respect to such participation. "(5) Within one month after the State agency gives a recipient of aid to families with dependent children the information described in the preceding provisions of this paragraph, the State agency must notify such recipient of the opportunity to indicate his or her desire to participate in the program, including a clear description of how to enter the program. "(d)


carrying out the program, each State shall make available a broad range of services and activities to aid in carrying out the purpose of this part. Such services and activities— "(i) shall include— "(I) educational activities (as appropriate), including high school or equivalent education (combined with training as needed), basic and remedial education to achieve a basic literacy level, and education for individuals with limited English proficiency; "(II) job skills training; "(III) job readiness activities to help prepare participants for work; and "(IV) job development and job placement; and "(ii) must also include at least 2 of the following: