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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2508

Public information.

PUBLIC LAW 100-503—OCT. 18, 1988

"(H) prohibitions on duplication and redisclosure of records provided by the source agency within or outside the recipient agency or the non-Federal agency, except where required by law or essential to the conduct of the matching program; "(I) procedures governing the use by a recipient agency or non-Federal agency of records provided in a matching program by a source agency, including procedures governing return of the records to the source agency or destruction of records used in such program; "(J) information on assessments that have been made on the accuracy of the records that will be used in such matching program; and "(K) that the Comptroller General may have access to all records of a recipient agency or a non-Federal agency that the Comptroller General deems necessary in order to monitor or verify compliance with the agreement. "(2)(A) A copy of each agreement entered into pursuant to paragraph (1) shall— "(i) be transmitted to the Committee on Governmental Affairs of the Senate and the Committee on Government Operations of the House of Representatives; and "(ii) be available upon request to the public. "(B) No such agreement shall be effective until 30 days after the date on which such a copy is transmitted pursuant to subparagraph (A)(i). "(C) Such an agreement shall remain in effect only for such period, not to exceed 18 months, as the Data Integrity Board of the agency determines is appropriate in light of the purposes, and length of time necessary for the conduct, of the matching program. "(D) Within 3 months prior to the expiration of such an agreement pursuant to subparagraph (C), the Data Integrity Board of the agency may, without additional review, renew the matching agreement for a current, ongoing matching program for not more than one additional year if— "(i) such program will be conducted without any change; and "(ii) each party to the agreement certifies to the Board in writing that the program has been conducted in compliance with the agreement. "(p) VERIFICATION AND OPPORTUNITY TO CONTEST FINDINGS.—(1) In

order to protect any individual whose records are used in matching programs, no recipient agency, non-Federal agency, or source agency may suspend, terminate, reduce, or make a final denial of any financial assistance or payment under a Federal benefit program to such individual, or take other adverse action against such individual as a result of information produced by such matching programs, until an officer or employee of such agency has independently verified such information. Such independent verification may be satisfied by verification in accordance with (A) the requirements of paragraph (2); and (B) any additional requirements governing verification under such Federal benefit program. "(2) Independent verification referred to in paragraph (1) requires independent investigation and confirmation of any information used as a basis for an adverse action against an individual including, where applicable— "(A) the amount of the asset or income involved, "(B) whether such individual actually has or had access to such asset or income for such individual's own use, and