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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-512—OCT. 20, 1988 *,,

102 STAT. 2553

assignment of a portion of the RWCD's entitlement to agricultural water service from the CAP and other matters in substantially the form of exhibit "12.3" to the Agreement, and such agreement is hereby ratified, confirmed, and declared to be valid. (e) The Secretary is authorized and directed, at such time as the authorizations in section 10(b)(1) become effective, to certify that the lands within the RWCD are free from the ownership and full cost pricing limitations of Federal reclamation law. SEC. 7. COLORADO RIVER WATER EXCHANGE.

(a) On or before December 31, 1990, the Secretary shall acquire, from willing irrigation districts and their landowners (hereinafter "sellers"), rights to twenty-two thousand acre-feet of annual consumptive use of water from the main stream of the Colorado River in the State of Arizona with a contractual priority predating September 30, 1968, and which was not included by the Secretary, the Arizona Water Commission, or the Arizona Department of Water Resources in the determination of the water supplies available to the CAP for the purpose of establishing the initial allocations to non-Indian entities. Nothing in this Act shall alter the responsibilities of the United States under article V of the March 9, 1964, Decree of the United States Supreme Court in Arizona versus California, 376 U.S. 340. (h) The Secretary is authorized, as part of consideration to willing sellers for the acquisition of water pursuant to subsection (a), to amend existing repayment contracts with the United States to which such sellers are subject to provide for the discharge of any remaining repayment obligation which the irrigation districts owe the United States as of May 30, 1987, and to certify that the lands within the irrigation districts are free from the ownership and full cost pricing limitations of Federal reclamation law. (c) The Secretary shall contract to deliver such water to the Arizona cities of Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix, and the Arizona town of Gilbert, in exchange for water provided by these cities and the town to the Community, in the amounts set forth in the Agreement. Such water shall increase the supply available for delivery to CAP non-Indian municipal and industrial subcontractors of CAP water service. The terms of each water delivery contract shall be in a form mutually acceptable to the respective parties thereto and substantially similar to exhibits "3.h.l" through "3.h.7" to the Agreement, which exhibits substantially conform to the terms of the CAP municipal and industrial water service subcontracts to which each of such cities and the town are parties on the effective date of this Act, except that: (1) there shall be no water service capital charges associated with water deliveries made pursuant to the contracts authorized by this section, except as otherwise provided in the Agreement; (2) for the purpose of determining the allocation and repayment of costs of the CAP as provided in Article 9.3 of Contract Numbered 14-06-W-245 between the United States of America and the Central Arizona Water Conservation District dated December 15, 1972, and any amendment or revision thereof, the costs associated with the delivery of water to cities and the town pursuant to the contracts authorized by this section shall be nonreimbursable, and such costs shall be excluded from CAWCD's repayment obligation;