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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2572

PUBLIC LAW 100-516—OCT. 24, 1988 boundaries of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, based on treaty. Executive order, agreement. Act of Congress, aboriginal title, the Winter's doctrine (Winter's v. United States, 207 U.S. 564 (1908)), or otherwise. Nothing contained in this section or in section 1 through 12, however, is intended to validate or invalidate any assertion of the existence, nonexistence or extinguishment of any water rights, or claims thereto, held by the Oglala Sioux Tribe, or any other Indian tribe or individual Indian under Federal or State law.



(a) POLLOCK-HERREID UNIT.—Section 407 of the Reclamation Authorization Act of 1975 (Public Law 94-228; 90 Stat. 209) relating to the authorization of appropriations for the Pollock-Herreid Unit of the Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program is hereby repealed. The Pollock-Herreid Unit shall remain an authorized feature of the PickSloan Missouri Basin Program. (b) FEASIBILITY STUDIES.—Delete section 3 of Public Law 97-273 (96 Stat. 1181) and substitute in lieu thereof the following: "SEC. 3. The Secretary is authorized, in cooperation with the State of South Dakota, to conduct a feasibility investigation of the alternate uses of facilities constructed for use in conjunction with the Oahe Unit, initial stage, James Division, Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program, South Dakota, and to report to the Congress the findings of such study along with his recommendations.". SEC. 13. GRAND VALLEY PROJECT, COLORADO.

The Secretary of the Interior is authorized to extend the Grand Valley Project Contract Numbered 6-07-40-P0080, dated April 10, 1986, among the United States, the Grand Valley Water Users Association, Public Service Company of Colorado, and the Orchard Mesa Irrigation District, for a period not to exceed two years to provide for the continued operation of the Grand Valley Power Project. Public lands.

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(a) Notwithstanding any law or court order to the contrary, the Secretary of the Interior shall amend, subject to valid existing rights, the official subdivision survey and plat for the town site of Veteran, Wyoming, to take into account the actual and common use of streets and alleys on such lands for designation as public reservations in accordance with the Act of April 16, 1906 (34 Stat. 116, as amended). (b) After Completion of the work required to amend the town site survey and plat, the title of the United States in and to the public reservation lands shall be patented to Goshen County, Wyoming. Title of the United States in and to a 90 feet by 75 feet lot of approximately 0.15 acres which is described in the records of the (xoshen County, Wyoming, clerk's office as "a tract in southwest corner of town of Veteran, Block 40 in the original town of Veteran," shall be patented to Goshen County Unified School District Number One. (c) The Secretary is authorized to dispose of Federal lands within the town site area by negotiated sale at fair market value or by public sale.