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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2686

PUBLIC LAW 100-532—OCT. 25, 1988

"(g) Notice for stored pesticides with canceled or suspended registrations. "(1) In general. "(2) Copies. "(h) Judicial review. "Sec. 7. Registration of establishments, "(a) Requirements. "(b) Registration. "(c) Information required. "(d) Confidential records and information. "Sec. 8. Records. "(a) Requirement. "(b) Inspection. "Sec. 9. Inspection of establishments, etc. "(a) In general. "(b) Warrants. "(c) Enforcement. "(1) Certification of facts to Attorney General. "(2) Notice not required. "(3) Warning notices. "Sec. 10. Protection of trade secrets and other information. "(a) In general. "(b) Disclosure. "(c) Disputes. "(d) Limitations. "(e) Disclosure to contractors. "(f) Penalty for disclosure by Federal employees. "(g) Disclosure to foreign and multinational pesticide producers. "Sec. 11. Use of restricted use pesticides; applicators, "(a) Certification procedure. "(1) Federal certification. "(2) State certification. "(b) State plans. "(c) Instruction in integrated pest management techniques. "(d) In general. "(e) Separate standards. "Sec. 12. Unlawful acts, "(a) In general. "(b) Exemptions. "Sec. 13. Stop sale, use, removal, and seizure, "(a) Stop sale, etc., orders. "(b) Seizure. "(c) Disposition after condemnation. "(d) C!ourt costs, etc. "Sec. 14. Penalties, "(a) Civil penalties. "(1) In general. "(2) Private applicator. "(3) Hearing. "(4) Determination of penalty. "(5) References to Attorney General. "(b) Criminal penalties. "(1) In general. "(2) Private applicator. "(3) Disclosure of information. "(4) Acts of officers, agents, etc. "Sec. 15. Indemnities. "(a) General indemnification. "(1) In general. "(2) Exception. "(3) Report. "(4) Appropriation. "(b) Indemnification of end users, dealers, and distributors. "(1) End users. "(2) Dealers and distributors. "(3) Source. "(4) Administrative settlement. "(c) Amount of payment. "(1) In general. "(2) Special rule.