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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2760

PUBLIC LAW 100-551—OCT. 28, 1988

"(2) The potential for the activity or project to bring about reduction in radon levels. "(3) The potential for development of innovative radon assessment techniques, mitigation measures as approved by the Administrator, or program management approaches which may be of use to other States. "(4) Any other uniform criteria that the Administrator deems necessary to promote the goals of the grant program and that the Administrator provides to States before the application process. "(f) FEDERAL SHARE.—The Federal share of the cost of radon p r c ^ a m activities implemented with Federal assistance under this section in any fiscal year shall not exceed 75 percent of the costs incurred by the State in implementing such program in the first year of a grant to such State, 60 percent in the second year, and 50 percent in the third year. Federal assistance shall be made on the condition that the non-Federal share is provided from non-Federal funds. "(g) ASSISTANCE TO LOCAL GOVERNMENTS.—States may,



Governor's discretion, use funds from grants under this section to assist local governments in implementation of activities eligible for assistance under paragraphs (2), (3), and (6) of subsection (c). "(h) INFORMATION.—(1) The Administrator may request such information, data, and reports developed by the State as he considers necessary to make the determination of continuing eligibility under this section. "(2) Any State receiving funds under this section shall provide to the Administrator all radon-related information generated in its activities, including the results of radon surveys, mitigation demonstration projects, and risk communication studies. "(3) Any State receiving funds under this section shall maintain, and make available to the public, a list of firms and individuals within the State that have received a passing rating under the Environmental Protection Agency proficiency rating program referred to in section 305(a)(2). The list shall also include the address and phone number of such firms and individuals, together with the proficiency rating received by each. The Administrator shall make such list available to the public at appropriate locations in each State which does not receive funds under this section unless the State assumes such responsibility. "(i) LIMITATIONS.—(1) No ^ a n t may be made under this section in any fiscal year to a State which in the preceding fiscal year received a grant under this section unless the Administrator determines that such State satisfactorily implemented the activities funded by the grant in such preceding fiscal year. "(2) The costs of implementing paragraphs (4) and (9) of subsection (c) shall not in the aggregate exceed 50 percent of the amount of any grant awarded under this section to a State in a fiscal year. In implementing such paragraphs, a State should make every effort, consistent with the goals and successful operation of the State radon program, to give a preference to low-income persons. "(3) The costs of general overhead and p n ^ r a m administration under subsection (c)(7) shall not exceed 25 percent of the amount of any grant awarded under this section to a State in a fiscal year. "(4) A State may use funds received under this section for financial assistance to persons only to the extent such assistance is