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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2168

PUBLIC LAW 100-458—OCT. 1, 1988

and not more than ten additional individuals for not more than six months each, for the Capitol Guide Service. STATEMENTS OF APPROPRIATIONS

For the preparation, under the direction of the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives, of the statements for the second session of the One Hundredth Congress, showing appropriations made, indefinite appropriations, and contracts authorized, together with a chronological history of the regular appropriations bills as required by law, $20,000, to be paid to the persons designated by the chairmen of such committees to supervise the work. OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT SALARIES AND EXPENSES

For salaries and expenses necessary to carry out the provisions of the Technology Assessment Act of 1972 (Public Law 92-484), including reception and representation expenses (not to exceed $3,500 from the Trust Fund), and rental of space in the District of Columbia, and those necessary to carry out the duties of the Director of the Office of Technology Assessment under 42 U.S.C. 1395ww and 42 U.S.C. 1395W-1, $17,937,000: Provided, That none of the funds in this Act shall be available for salaries or expenses of any employee of the Office of Technology Assessment in excess of 143 staff employees: Provided further. That no part of this appropriation shall be available for assessments or activities not initiated and approved in accordance with section 3(d) of Public Law 92-484, except that funds shall be available for the assessment required by Public Law 96-151: Provided further. That none of the funds in this Act shall be available for salaries or expenses of employees of the Office of Technology Assessment in connection with any reimbursable study for which funds are provided from sources other than appropriations made under this Act, or be available for any other administrative expenses incurred by the Office of Technology Assessment in carrying out such a study. BIOMEDICAL ETHICS BOARD SALARIES AND EXPENSES

Effective date. 2 USC I42h.

For the Biomedical Ethics Board and the Biomedical Ethics Advisory Committee, subject to reauthorization of section 381 of the Public Health Service Act (Public Law 99-158) or similar legislation, the amounts appropriated under this head in the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 1988 (as enacted by Public Law 100-202), shall remain available for obligation until September 30, 1989: Provided, That effective October 1, 1988, the Disbursing Officer of the Library of Congress is authorized to— (1) disburse funds appropriated for the Biomedical Ethics Board; (2) compute and disburse the basic pay for all personnel of the Biomedical Ethics Board; and (3) provide financial management services and support to the Biomedical Ethics Board,