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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2804

PUBLIC LAW 100-560—OCT. 31, 1988

are owned by the State of Louisiana, or any political subdivision thereof, may be acquired only by donation. 16 USC 431 note. SEC. 4. ADVISORY COMMISSION. (a) ESTABLISHMENT.—(1) There is hereby established the Poverty Point National Monument Advisory Commission (hereafter in this section referred to as the "Advisory Commission"). The Advisory Commission shall be composed of 7 members appointed by the Secretary as follows: (A) 3 members from those nominated by the Governor of Louisiana, including the State of Louisiana Historic Preservation Officer; (B) 2 members from professional archaeologists in the archaeology community; and (C) 2 members from the public with particular interests in Poverty Point. (2) Members of the Advisory Commission shall be appointed for terms of 3 years. Any member of the Advisory Commission appointed for a definite term may serve after the expiration of his term until his successor is appointed. (3) The Advisory Commission shall designate one of its members as Chairperson. (b) MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT ISSUES.—The Secretary, or his designee, shall from time to time, but at least semiannually, meet and consult with the Advisory Commission on matters relating to the management and development of the monument. (c) MEETINGS.—The Advisory Commission shall meet on a regular Public basis. Notice of meetings and agenda shall be published in local information. newspapers which have a distribution which generally covers the area affected by the monument. Advisory Commission meetings shall be held at locations and in such a manner as to ensure adequate public involvement. (d) EXPENSES.—Members of the Advisory Commission shall serve without compensation as such, but the Secretary may pay expenses reasonably incurred in carrying out their responsibilities under this Act on vouchers signed by the Chairperson. (e) CHARTER.—The provisions of section 14(b) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (Act of October 6, 1972; 86 Stat. 776), are hereby waived with respect to this Advisory Commission. 16 USC 431 note. SEC. 5. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. There is hereby authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act. Approved October 31, 1988.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—H.R. 775: HOUSE REPORTS: No. 100-907 (Comm. on Interior and Insular Affairs). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 134 (1988): Sept. 13, considered and passed House. Oct. 11, considered and passed Senate.