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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2820

Federal Register, publication.

Regulations. Records.

PUBLIC LAW 100-562—OCT. 31, 1988

comment consistent with ensuring expeditious, but full, consideration and avoiding delay by any person. In making a determination under such procedures, the Secretary shall give due consideration to any test data or other information available to the Secretary, including any information provided by the manufacturer (whether or not confidential). If the Secretary makes a negative determination, the Secretary may not make another determination for the same model of motor vehicle until the end of 3 calendar months after such negative determination. "(iv) The Secretary shall annually publish in the Federal Register a list of all determinations under this subparagraph. Each determination published in the Federal Register shall apply to the same model of motor vehicle with respect to which the determination was made. A positive determination shall be sufficient authority for any other registered importer to import a vehicle of the same model under this subsection provided such registered importer complies with all the terms and conditions of such determination. "(D)(i) The Secretary shall establish procedures under which the Secretary shall register any person who complies with the requirements of clause (ii) and who has not previously had a registration revoked under clause (iii). The Secretary may deny registration to any person who is or was, directly or indirectly, owned or controlled by, or under common ownership or control with, a person who has had a registration revoked under clause (iii). "(ii) In order to acquire and maintain registration under clause (i), an importer shall comply with all requirements which the Secretary shall prescribe by regulation. Such regulation shall include, as a minimum, requirements for recordkeeping, inspection of records and facilities relating to the motor vehicles which such person has imported, modified, or both, and provision for ensuring that the importer (or any successor in interest) will be able technically and financially to carry out the importer's responsibilities under part B of this title (relating to discovery, notification, and remedy of defects). "(iii) The Secretary shall establish procedures for (I) the revocation or suspension of a registration issued under clause (i) for failure to comply with any requirement of this section or the regulations issued under this section, (II) automatic suspensions of registrations for failure to pay any fee referred to in subparagraph (A)(iii) in a timely manner or for knowingly filing a false or misleading certification under subparagraph (E), and (III) reinstatement of suspended registrations. "(E)(i) A registered importer shall not release custody of any motor vehicle— "(I) imported by the registered importer, or "(II) imported by an individual referred to in subsection (f) and which the registered importer is modifying to meet Federal motor vehicle safety standards, to any person for license or registration for use on public roads, streets, or highways or license or register an imported motor vehicle for use on public roads, streets, or highways until 30 calendar days after the registered importer certifies to the Secretary, in such form as the Secretary shall require, that such motor vehicle complies with each Federal motor vehicle safety standard which was prescribed under this title in the year that vehicle was manufactured and which applies in such year to such vehicle, except that no such release shall be permitted if the Secretary gives written notice.