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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2922

PUBLIC LAW 100-579—OCT. 31, 1988 (5) NATIVE HAWAIIAN ORGANIZATION.—The term "Native Hawaiian organization" means any organization— (A) which serves the interests of Native Hawaiians, (B) which is— (i) recognized by Papa Ola Lokahi for the purpose of planning, conducting, or administering programs (or portions of programs) authorized under this Act for the benefit of Native Hawaiians, and (ii) certified by Papa Ola Lokahi as having the qualifications and capacity to provide the services, and meet the requirements, under the contract the organization enters into with, or grant the organization receives from, the Secretary under this Act, (C) in which Native Hawaiian health practitioners significantly participate in the planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation of health services, and (D) which is a public or nonprofit private entity. (6) PAPA OLA LOKAHI.—The term "Papa Ola Lokahi" means an organization composed of^ (A) E Ola Mau; (B) the Office of Hawaiian Affairs of the State of Hawaii; (C) Alu Like Inc.; (D) the University of Hawaii; and (E) the Office of Hawaiian Health of the Hawaii State Department of Health. (7) PRIMARY HEALTH SERVICES.—The term "primary health services" means— (A) services of physicians, physicians' assistants and nurse practitioners; (B) diagnostic laboratory and radiologic services; (C) preventive health services (including children's eye and ear examinations to determine the need for vision and hearing correction, perinatal services, well child services, and family planning services); (D) emergency medical services; (E) transportation services as required for adequate patient care; (F) preventive dental services; and (G) pharmaceutical services, as may be appropriate for particular health centers. (8) SECRETARY.—The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of Health and Human Services. (9) TRADITIONAL NATIVE HAWAIIAN HEALER.—The term "traditional Native Hawaiian healer" means a practitioner— (A) who— (i) is of Hawaiian ancestry, and (ii) has the knowledge, skills, and experience in direct personal health care of individuals, and (B) whose knowledge, skills, and experience are based on a demonstrated learning of Native Hawaiian healing practices acquired by— (i) direct practical association with Native Hawaiian elders, and (ii) oral traditions transmitted from generation to generation.