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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-580—OCT. 31, 1988

102 STAT. 2929

(1) actual notice by registered mail to every plaintiff in the Short cases at their last known address; (2) notice to the attorneys for such plaintiffs; and (3) publication in newspapers of general circulation in the vicinity of the Hoopa Valley Reservation and elsewhere in the State of California. Contemporaneous with providing the notice required by this subsec- Federal tion, the Secretary shall publish such notice in the Federal Register. Register, (c) APPLICATION DEADLINE.—The deadline for application pursuant


to this section shall be established at one hundred and twenty days after the publication of the notice by the Secretary in the Federal Register as required by subsection (b). (d) EuGiBiLiTY DETERMINATION; FINAL ROLX..—(1) The Secretary Federal shall make determinations of eligibility of applicants under this Register, section and publish in the Federal Register the final Settlement Roll publication. of such persons one hundred and eighty days after the date established pursuant to subsection (c). (2) The Secretary shall develop such procedures and times as may be necessary for the consideration of appeals from applicants not included on the roll published pursuant to paragraph (1). Successful appellants shall be added to the Settlement Roll and shall be afforded the right to elect options as provided in section 6, with any payments to be made to such successful appellants out of the remainder of the Settlement Fund after payments have been made pursuant to section 6(d) and prior to division pursuant to section 7. (3) Persons added to the Settlement Roll pursuant to appeals under this subsection shall not be considered in the calculations made pursuant to section 4. (e) EFFECT OF EXCLUSION FROM ROLL.—No person whose name is not included on the Settlement Roll shall have any interest in the tribal, communal, or unallotted land, property, resources, or rights within, or appertaining to, the Hoopa Valley Tribe, the Hoopa Valley Reservation, the Yurok Tribe, or the Yurok Reservation or in the Settlement Fund unless such person is subsequently enrolled in the Hoopa Valley Tribe or the Yurok Tribe under the membership criteria and ordinances of such tribes. SEC. 6. ELECTION OF SETTLEMENT OPTIONS.

25 USC 1300i-5.

(a) NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OPTIONS.—(1) Within sixty days after the publication of the Settlement Roll as provided in section 5(d), the Secretary shall give notice by certified mail to each person eighteen years or older on such roll of their right to elect one of the settlement options provided in this section. (2) The notice shall be provided in easily understood language, but shall be as comprehensive as possible and shall provide an objective assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options offered. The notice shall EIISO provide information about the counseling services which will be made available to inform individuals about the respective rights and benefits associated with each option presented under this section. It shall also clarify that on election the Lump Sum Payment option requires the completion of a sworn affidavit certifying that the individual has been provided with complete information about the effects of such an election. (3) With respect to minors on the Settlement Roll the notice shall state that minors shall be deemed to have elected the option of section 6(c), except that if the parent or guardian furnishes proof satisfactory to the Secretary that a minor is an enrolled member of


Children and youth.