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104 STAT. 1092 PUBLIC LAW 101-470—OCT. 30, 1990 Public Law 101-470 101st Congress Joint Resolution Oct. 30, 1990 [S.J. Res. 347] Designating April 7 through 13, 1991, as "National County Government Week". Whereas county government is the oldest form of local government in the United States; Whereas 98 percent of the Nation's population reside in counties; Whereas county governments employed over 1,900,000 people and spent almost $103,000,000,000 last year to provide a wide range of services for the benefit of the people of the United States; Whereas, county governments are often the last available resource for providing emergency and long-term services for the poor, the homeless, immigrants, refugees, the disadvantaged, and other segments of society; Whereas county governments own and operate 1,000 health care facilities and over 2,000 health departments; Whereas almost 1,200 counties are now managed by appointed administrators or elected executives; Whereas over the last 30 years county governments have assumed increasing responsibility for the administration and financing of health, welfare, justice, transportation, housing, and community development programs; and Whereas county governments have also been assigned a greater role in solving area wide problems dealing with air pollution, water pollution, solid waste disposal, airports, transit systems, regional parks, and other issues: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the week of April 7 through 13, 1991, is designated as "National County Government Week", and the President is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe the week with appropriate ceremonies and activities. Approved October 30, 1990. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S.J. Res. 347: CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 136 (1990): Sept. 28, considered and passed Senate. Oct. 16, considered and passed House. 49-139 O - 90 (470)