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PUBLIC LAW 101-476—OCT. 30, 1990 104 STAT. 1107 "(b) In awarding grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements under parts C through G, the Secretary, where appropriate, shall require applicants to demonstrate how they will address, in whole or in part, the needs of infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities from minority bacl^grounds. "(c) In awarding grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements under parts C through G the Secretary, where appropriate, may require applicants to address the various transitions that a child with a disability may face throughout such child's years in school, including— "(1) the transition from medical care to special education for those children with disabilities, including chronic health impairments, who may require individualized health-related services to enable such children to participate in, or benefit from, special education; "(2) the transition between residential placement and community-based special education services; and "(3) the transition between a separate educational placement and the regular classroom setting. "(d) The Secretary shall conduct directly, or by contract or cooperative agreement with appropriate entities, independent evaluations of the programs authorized under section 618 and under parts C through G, and may for such purpose use funds appropriated to carry out such provisions. The findings of the evaluators shall be utilized in the planning process under subsection (a) for the purpose of improving the programs. The evaluations shall determine the degree to which the program is being conducted consistent with the program plan and meeting its goals and objectives. The Secretary shall submit to the appropriate committees of the Congress the results of the evaluations required by this subsection. "(e) The Secretary shall report on the program plans required in subsection (a) and findings from the evaluations under subsection (d) in the annual report to the Congress required under section 618. "(f) The Secretary shall develop effective procedures for acquiring and disseminating information derived from programs and projects funded under parts C through G, as well as information generated from studies conducted and data collected under section 618. "(g) The Secretary shall, where appropriate, require recipients of all grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements under parts C through G to prepare reports describing their procedures, findings, and other relevant information in a form that will maximize the dissemination and use of such procedures, findings, and information. The Secretary shall require their delivery, as appropriate, to the Regional and Federal Resource Centers, the Clearinghouses, and the Technical Assistance to Parents Programs (TAPP) assisted under parts C and D, as well as the National Diffusion Network, the ERIC Clearinghouse on the Handicapped and Gifted, and the Child and Adolescent Service Systems Program (CASSP) under the National Institute of Mental Health, appropriate parent and professional organizations, organizations representing individuals with disabilities, and such other networks as the Secretary may determine to be appropriate. "(h)(1) The Secretary shall convene, in accordance with paragraph (2), panels of experts who are competent, by virtue of their training or experience, to evaluate proposals under section 618 and parts C through G. Infants and children. Minorities. Government contracts.