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104 STAT. 1124 PUBLIC LAW 101-476—OCT. 30, 1990 SEC. 306. SECONDARY EDUCATION AND TRANSITIONAL SERVICES FOR YOUTH WITH DISABILITIES. (a) AMENDMENTS TO SUBSECTION (a).— Section 626(a)(1) (20 U.S.C. 1425(a)(1)) is amended by inserting "independent and community living," after "continuing education,". (b) AMENDMENTS TO SUBSECTION (b).— Section 626(b) (20 U.S.C. 1425(b)) is amended— (1) in paragraph (2), by inserting "independent living," after "training,"; (2) in paragraph (8), by striking "handicapped youth" and all that follows and inserting the following: "some youth with disabilities remain to complete school programs while others drop out,"; (3) in paragraph (9), by striking "developing" and all that follows through "techniques" and inserting "developing curriculum and instructional techniques in special education and related services"; (4) in paragraph (10)— (A) by inserting "or adapted" after "specially designed"; and (B) by striking "to increase" and all that follows and inserting the following: "to facilitate the full participation of youths with disabilities in community programs."; and (5) by striking "and" at the end of paragraph (9), by striking the period at the end of paragraph (10) and inserting in lieu thereof ", and", and by adding after paragraph (10) the following: "(11) developing and disseminating exemplary programs and practices that meet the unique needs of students who utilize assistive technology devices and assistive technology services as such students make the transition to postsecondary education, vocational training, competitive employment (including supported employment), and continuing education or adult services. ". (c) AMENDMENTS TO SUBSECTION (d).— Section 626(d)(3) (20 U.S.C. 1425(d)(3)) is amended by striking "to the extent appropriate,". (d) NEW SUBSECTION (e).— Section 626 (20 U.S.C. 1425) is amended by redesignating subsections (e) and (f) as subsections (f) and (g), respectively, and by inserting after subsection (d) the following new subsection: Grant programs. "(e)(1) The Secretary shall make one-time, 5-year grants, on a competitive basis, to States in which the State vocational rehabilitation agency and State educational agency submit a joint application to develop, implement, and improve systems to provide transition services for youth with disabilities from age 14 through the age they exit school. "(2) In the case of a State whose vocational rehabilitation agency does not participate regarding a joint application described in paragraph (1), the Secretary may make a grant under such paragraph to the State if a joint application for the grant is submitted by the State educational agency and one other State agency that provides transition services to individuals who are leaving programs under this Act. "(3) States that receive grants shall use grant funds to: "(A) Increase the availability, access, and quality of transition assistance through the development and improvement of poli-