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contracts. 104 STAT. 1138 PUBLIC LAW 101-476—OCT. 30, 1990 "(B) proven effectiveness in performing the functions established in this subsection; and "(C) the ability to— "(i) conduct such projects; "(ii) communicate with intended consumers of information; and "(iii) maintain the necessary communication with national, regional. State, and local agencies. Grant programs. "(g)(1) The Secretary shall make grants, or enter into contracts or Government cooperative agreements, for the establishment of model demonstra- '*'^*^ • /••••I •111 "111 •• tion programs, of which some will be school-based models, that provide the services of an ombudsman to assist in resolving problems that are barriers to appropriate educational, related services, or other services for children and youth with disabilities. "(2) Programs under paragraph (1) shall provide or identify personnel to assist children and youth with disabilities, their parents or guardians, special and regular education teachers. State and local education administrators, and related services personnel to resolve problems in a timely manner through dispute mediation and other methods, notwithstanding due process procedures, in order to further the delivery of appropriate education and related services. Participation in this program does not preclude or delay due process under part B of this Act. "(3) Ombudsman services for programs under paragraph (1) shall be provided by social workers, parent advocates, psychologists, and persons with similar qualifications designated by the Secretary.". SEC. 502. RESEARCH AND DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION FOR CHILDREN WITH DISABIL- ITIES. Section 642 (20 U.S.C. 1442) is amended by striking "recreation for handicapped children" each place such term appears and inserting "recreation for children with disabilities, including therapeutic recreation". SEC. 503. PANELS OF EXPERTS. Part E (20 U.S.C. 1441 et seq.) is amended by striking section 643 20 USC 1443, and by redesignating section 644 as section 643. 1444. SEC. 504. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. Section 643, as redesignated by section 503 of this Act, is amended to read as follows: "AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS "SEC. 643. For purposes of carrying out this part, there are authorized to be appropriated $21,100,000 for fiscal year 1990, $24,650,000 for fiscal year 1991, $27,400,000 for fiscal year 1992, $30,200,000 for fiscal year 1993, and $33,200,000 for fiscal year 1994.". TITLE VI—INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES SEC. 601. PURPOSES. Section 651 (20 U.S.C. 1451) is amended—