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PUBLIC LAW 101-483—OCT. 31, 1990 104 STAT. 1165 Public Law 101-483 101st Congress i Joint Resolution Committing to the private sector the responsibility for support of the Civic Achievement Award Program in Honor of the Office of Speaker of the House of Represent- Oct. 61, H)ao— atives, and for other purposes. [H.J. Res. 587] Whereas the continuing strength and vitaHty of American democratic traditions depend on the civic awareness of future generations; Whereas numerous studies have documented the need to improve the level of civic literacy of American young people; Whereas students in the fifth grade through the eighth grade are at a critical stage for development of values, character, and attitudes; Whereas Congress established the Civic Achievement Award Program in Honor of the Office of Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1987 to assist in providing such students with a meaningful and relevant supplement to the social studies curriculum; Whereas the Program has helped students to meister knowledge of American history, geography, government, economics, culture, and current events, and to develop library, research and critical thinking skills; Whereas participating students have volunteered hundreds of thousands of hours in civic action and community service activities since the inception of the program; Whereas the Close Up Foundation and the National Association of Elementary School Principals are to be commended for the development and conduct of the Program and for generating private sector support; Whereas private sector support for the Program has enabled participation to grow from 60,000 students to more than 400,000 students for the current academic year and will ensure the continued success and expansion of the Program in 1991 and beyond; and Whereas private sector support will enable continuing and broadening participation in the Program without continued assistance from the Congress: Now, therefore, be it