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104 STAT. 1244 PUBLIC LAW 101-501—NOV. 3, 1990 "(A) receives funds under part A of chapter 1 of title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965; and "(B) is designated as a schoolwide project under section 1015(a) of such Act; may use such grant to serve all children attending such school in kindergarten through grade 3.". (c) TECHNICAL AMENDMENT.— Section 662(c) of the Follow Through Act (42 U.S.C. 9861(c)) is amended by striking "projects" and inserting "programs". SEC. 203. APPLICATIONS AND FUNDING. The Follow Through Act (42 U.S.C. 9861-9877) is amended by striking section 663 and inserting the following: "CO NSIDERATION OP APPLICATIONS 42 USC 9862. "SEC. 663. (a) IN GENERAL. — A grant under this part may be made only to an applicant that submits an application to the Secretary containing such information as may be required by the Secretary by rule. "(b) CONTENTS OF APPLICATION. —Each application for a grant under this part shall— "(1) provide that the program for which assistance is requested will be administered by or under the supervison of the applicant; Reports. "(2) contain an assurance that the applicant will prepare, and submit to the Secretary, regular evaluations of and reports concerning such program; "(3) estimate the number of children who are eligible for Follow Through services in the geographical area served by such program and the approximate number to be served by such program; "(4) describe which model Follow Through approach the applicant intends to use, and the manner in which the applicant will implement such approach; "(5) provide evidence that the applicant has made a formal arrangement to receive technical assistance and training relative to such approach from an appropriate agency, institution, or organization that receives funds under section 664A; "(6) provide an assurance that the instructional program, including textbooks gmd other materials provided by the applicant, is appropriate to the Eiges and developmental needs of the children to be served by such program and to the model Follow Through approach selected; "(7) specify the manner in which the applicant will provide comprehensive services, including through gigreements with public or private entities to provide, make referrals to, or coordinate the provision of such services to children and their families through the program established under subchapter B, the Head Start Transition Project Act, or another comprehensive program; "(8) provide for direct participation of parents, as provided in section 662(c), and include a cerification that such application has been approved by a committee (established in accordance with rules issued by the Secretary) that represents parents of children who participate, and parents of children who are likely to participate, in such program;