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104 STAT. 1246 PUBLIC LAW 101-501—NOV. 3, 1990 "(2) In the case of a recipient of financial assistance under section 662(a) that has received technical assistance prior to the date of enactment of this part, the Secretary may limit the provision of technical assistance with respect to a particular Follow Through approach under subsection (a)(1) to 3 fiscal years. "RESOURCE AND EXPANSION 42 USC 9863b. "SEC. 664B. The Secretary may make grants to entities which operate, or previously operated. Follow Through programs that the Secretary finds to be effective— "(1) to act as Follow Through resources to develop and provide information on the operation of their respective programs; "(2) to promote the adoption of similar programs by local educational agencies; and "(3) to assist agencies, institutions, and organizations that receive funds under section 664A, in providing technical assistance and training. " NATIONAL CLEARINGHOUSE Grant programs. "SEC. 664C. (a) If the amount appropriated to carry out this 42 USC 9863c. subchapter is not less than $30,000,000, then the Secretary shall make a grant to an organization that represents entities referred to in sections 662, 664A, and 664B to establish a national clearinghouse on Follow Through programs (hereinafter in this section referred to as the clearinghouse), which shall provide information, without charge or at such reasonable cost as the Secretary may determine, to the public concerning— '(1) programs that receive financial assistance under section 662; "(2) model Follow Through approaches; "(3) the kinds of technical assistance and training aveiilable under section 664A; "(4) the procedure to obtain technical assistance and training available under section 664A; and "(5) Follow Through research and evaluations. "(b) The Secretary shall make available to the clearinghouse all research and evaluations that relate to Follow Through programs and for which the Secretary provides, or has ever provided, funds. "(c)(1) The Secretary shall promote the awareness and use of model Follow Through approaches by— "(A) providing information to recipients of grants and contracts under section 1562 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 concerning programs and activities that receive assistance under this title; and "(B) making information concerning such programs and activities available to such recipients without charge. "(2) From amounts appropriated for each fiscal year to carry out this part, the Secretary shall expend— "(A) not less than $100,000 to pay for the costs incurred by such recipients to disseminate information relating to programs and activities funded under this part; and "(B) not less than $300,000 to carry out subsection (a).", (b) CONFORMING AMENDMENT. —The Follow Through Act (42 42 USC 9866. U.S.C. 9861-9877) is amended by striking section 667. SEC. 205. RESEARCH AND EVALUATION CONTRACTS. Section 665 of the Follow Through Act (42 U.S.C. 9864) is amended—