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104 STAT. 1272 PUBLIC LAW 101-501—NOV. 3, 1990 ments that reduce barriers to services and promote more effective local service delivery systems for young individuals; Reports. (2) such plan will be based on needs as identified through an analysis of updated reports (such as "State of the Child" reports) prepared by the State, including detailed information gathered by the State, to the extent practicable, on young individuals and the families of such individuals concerning— (A) age, sex, race, and ethnicity; (B) the residences of such individuals; (C) the incidence of homelessness among such individuals; (D) the composition of families of such individuals; (E) the economic situations of such individuals; (F) the incidence of poverty among such individuals; (G) experiences in the care of such individuals away from home; (H) the health of such individuals; (I) violence in the homes or communities of such individuals; (J) the nature of the attachment of such individuals to school and work; (K) dropout rates of such individuals from school; and (L) the character of the communities in which such individuals reside; (3) the system to be used for the distribution of funds within the State will require that— (A) each area have an equal opportunity to apply for or receive funds under this chapter; and (B) the public be given an opportunity to express views concerning the development and administration of such plan; (4) the independent State body will provide an inventory of existing public and private services for children, youth and their families and will evaluate the need for supportive services within the State to address the purposes of this title and determine the extent to which existing public and private programs meet such need; Reports. (5) the independent State body will make such reports, in such form, and containing such information, as the Commissioner may require; (6) such fiscal control and fund accounting procedures will be adopted as may be necessary to ensure proper disbursement of, and accounting for. Federal funds paid under this chapter to the chief executive officer of the State, including any such funds paid to the recipients of a grant or contract; (7) the independent State body will conduct periodic evaluations of activities and projects carried out pursuant to sections 931 and 932 and will report the results and recommendations to the chief executive officer of the State and the State legislature; (8) the chief executive officer of the State will provide technical assistance or in-service training opportunities for personnel responsible for carrying out the purposes of sections 931 and 932; and (9) the chief executive officer of each State will provide for the implementation of the requirements of section 932, relating to supportive services. (c) USE OF GRANTS TO STATES.—Notwithstanding section 934(g), the amounts made available to each State under section 934(a) may be