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PUBLIC LAW 101-501—NOV. 3, 1990 104 STAT. 1273 used to make grants to a State to enable such State to pay such percentages as the independent State body of such State determines to be appropriate, of the cost of administering the State plan of such State including— (1) the costs of the preparation of such plan and the provision of technical assistance to local areas; (2) the costs of the evaluation of activities carried out under such plan; (3) the costs of the collection of data and the carrying out of analyses related to the need for supportive services within the State; (4) the costs of the dissemination of information obtained under paragraph (3); and (5) the costs of the provision of short-term training to personnel of public or nonprofit private agencies and organizations engaged in the operation of programs authorized by this chapter. (e) SUPPLEMENT NOT SUPPLANT. —Amounts received by a State under sections 931 and 932 shall be used only to supplement, not to supplant, the amount of Federal, State, and local funds expended for the purposes for which grants are made under sections 931 and 932. In no event shall such expenditures be used to satisfy the matching requirements of any other Federal program. (f) RELATIONSHIP TO FAMILY RESOURCE AND SUPPORT PROGRAM GRANTS. — If a State intends to apply for a grant under section 933 to be used for the same calendar year as the grant under this section, such State shall include in the application for a grant under this section a description of plans for family resource and support programs and for the coordination of the use of all funds received under this chapter. SEC. 932. SUPPORTIVE SERVICES. 42 USC 12338. (a) AUTHORITY.—The Commissioner shall carry out a program for making grants to a State, that has designated an independent State body under section 930 and provided for coordinated services under section 931, for distribution by the chief executive officer under a State plan approved under section 931 to demonstrate successful program approaches to fill service gaps identified through State planning and advocacy efforts for any of the areas specified in paragraph (2). (b) EuGiBLE SERVICES.—The services eligible to be provided under subsection (a) are services— (1) that are designed to facilitate the provision of comprehensive community based services that are efficient, coordinated, and readily available through such activities as case planning, case management, intake and Eissessment, and information and referral; and (2) that serve any of the following purposes— (A) provide adequate and safe physical shelter to young individuals and the families of such individuals, especially in emergency circumstances; (B) provide transitional living services to young individuals who are homeless; (C) enable young individuals to attain and maintain physical and mental well-being;