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PUBLIC LAW 101-501—NOV. 3, 1990 104 STAT. 1275 State shall report to the Commissioner concerning the plans of the State for— (i) the establishment and expansion of a network of family resource and support programs in the State; (ii) the number of family resource and support programs that have been expanded or newly established with grant funds under this section; (iii) the nature of those programs, including the populations served and services provided; and (iv) the extent of local community and parental participation in the development, operation, and governance of the programs, (d) APPLICATION.—To be eligible to receive a grant under this section a State shall prepare and submit, to the Commissioner, an application at such time, in such form, and containing such information as the Commissioner shall require, including— (1) an assurance that the chief executive officer of the State will designate a lead agency to assume responsibility for the development and implementation of family resource and support programs; (2) an assurance that the State has a process for effective program development that— (A) does not duplicate current processes or programs; (B) makes publicly available a written plan for the establishment of a network of local family resource and support programs; and (C) involves appropriate personnel in the development process, including— (i) parents and prospective participants in family resource and support programs; (ii) staff of existing family resource and support programs; (iii) representatives of State and local government social service, health, mental health, education, employment, and economic development agencies; (iv) representatives of the business community; (v) representatives of general purpose local government; (vi) representatives of local communities in which family resource and support programs are likely to be \ located; and (vii) other individuals with expertise in the services that the family resource and support programs of the State intend to offer; (3) a description of the current family support programs in the State, the current unmet need for such services, and the intended scope of the State family resource and support program, the population to be served, the manner in which the program will be operated, and the manner in which such program will relate to other community services and public agencies; (4) a description of the projected level of financial commitment by the State to developing a family resource and support program; (5) a description of the core services, as required under this chapter, and other support services to be provided by the program and the manner in which such services will be provided;