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104 STAT. 1310 PUBLIC LAW 101-505 —NOV. 3, 1990 "(ii) purchase, lease, or contract to operate a substantial part of the property or franchise of another carrier that operates in the Metropolitan District; or "(iii) acquire control of another carrier that operates in the Metropolitan District through ownership of its stock or other means. "(b) Application for Commission approval of a transaction under this Section shall be made in the form and with the information that the regulations of the Commission require. "(c) If the Commission finds, after notice and hearing, that the proposed transaction is consistent with the public interest, the Commission shall pass an order authorizing the transaction. "(d) Pending determination of an application filed under this section, the Commission may grant 'temporary approval' without a hearing or other proceeding up to a maximum of 180 consecutive days if the Commission determines that grant to be consistent with the public interest. "ARTICLE XIII "Investigations by the Commission and Complaints "1. (a) A person may file a written complaint with the Commission regarding anything done or omitted by a person in violation of a provision of this Act, or in violation of a requirement established under it. "(b)(i) If the respondent does not satisfy the compleiint and the facts suggest that there are reasonable grounds for an investigation, the Commission shall investigate the matter. "(ii) If the Commission determines that a complaint does not state facts which warrant action, the Commission may dismiss the complaint without hearing. "(iii) The Commission shall notify a respondent that a complaint has been filed at least 10 days before a hearing is set on the complaint. "(c) The Commission may investigate on its own motion a fact, condition, practice, or matter to— "(i) determine whether a person has violated or will violate a provision of this Act or a rule, regulation, or order; "(ii) enforce the provisions of this Act or prescribe or enforce rules or regulations under it; or "(iii) obtain information to recommend further legislation. "(d) If, after hearing, the Commission finds that a respondent has violated a provision of this Act or any requirement established under it, the Commission shall— "(i) issue an order to compel the respondent to comply with this Act; and "(ii) effect other just and reasonable relief. "(e) For the purpose of an investigation or other proceeding under this Act, the Commission may administer oaths and affirmations, subpoena witnesses, compel their attendance, take evidence, and require the production of books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, contracts, agreements, or other records or evidence which the Commission considers relevant to the inquiry.