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104 STAT. 1388-68 PUBLIC LAW 101-508—NOV. 5, 1990 (e) TREATMENT OF PRICE INCREASE IN DETERMINING PERFORMANCE STANDARD RATES OF INCREASE.— Section 1848(f)(2)(A)(iv) (42 U.S.C. 1395w-4(f)(2)(A)(iv)) is amended by inserting "including changes in law and regulations affecting the percentage increase described in clause (i)" after "law or regulations". (f) MISCELLANEOUS FEE SCHEDULE CORRECTIONS. — (1) CHANGES IN SECTION 1848. —Section 1848 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395w-4) is amended— (A) in subsection (c)(1)(B), by striking the last sentence; (B) in subsections (c)(3)(C)(ii)(II) and (c)(3)(C)(iii)(II), by striking "by" the first place it appears in each respective subsection, ^° (C) in subsection (c), by redesignating the second paragraph (3), and paragraphs (4) and (5), as paragraphs (4) through (6), respectively; (D) in subsection (c)(4), as redesignated by subparagraph (C),is amended by striking "subsection" and inserting "section"; (E) in subsection (d)(1)(A), by striking "subparagraph (C)" and inserting "paragraph (3)"; (F) in subsection (d)(1)— (i) in subparagraph (A)— (I) by inserting "(or factors)" after "conversion factor" each place it appears, (II) by inserting "or updates" after "update", and (III) by striking "subparagraph (C)" and inserting "paragraph (3)"; and (ii) in subparagraph (C)— (I) in clause (i), by striking "(or factors)", and (II) in clause (ii), by inserting "the conversion factor (or factors) which will apply to physicians' services for the following year and" before "the update (or updates)", and by striking "the following" and inserting "such"; (G) in subsection (d)(2)(A), in the matter preceding clause (i), by striking "services" the first place it appears and inserting "services (as defined in subsection (f)(5)(A))"; (H) in subsection (d)(2)(A)(ii)— (i) by striking "(as defined in subsection (f)(5)(A))" and inserting "and for the services involved", and (ii) by striking "all such physicians"' and inserting "such"; and (I) in the last sentence of subsection (d)(2)(A), by striking "proportion of HMO enrollees" and inserting "proportion of individuals who are enrolled under this part who are HMO enrollees"; (J) in subsection (d)(2)(E)(i), by inserting "the" after "as set forth in"; (K) in subsection (d)(2)(E)(ii)(I), by inserting "payments for" after "under this part for"; (L) in subsection (d)(3)(B)— (i) in clause (i)— (I) by striking "update for" and inserting "update for a category of physicians' services for"; and , '° So in original. Probably should be ";"•