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PUBLIC LAW 101-508 —NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1388-131 (A) by striking "Whoever knowingly sells" and inserting "It is unlawful for a person to sell or issue", (B) by striking "substantially", (C) by striking ", shall be fined" and inserting ". Whoever violates the previous sentence shall be fined", (D) in subparagraph (A), by inserting "or title XIX" after "other than this title", (E) in subparagraph (A), by striking "$5,000" and inserting "$25,000 (or $15,000 in the case of a person other than the issuer of the policy)", and (F) by adding at the end the following: "A seller (who is not the issuer of a health insurance policy) shall not be considered to violate the previous sentence if the policy is sold in compliance with subparagraph (B) and the statement under such subparagraph indicates on its face that the sale of the policy will not duplicate health benefits to which the individual is otherwise entitled. This subsection shall not apply to such a seller until such date as the Secretary publishes a list of the standardized benefit packages that may be offered consistent with subsection (p)."; (2) by amending subparagraph (B) to read as follows: "(B)(i) It is unlawful for a person to issue or sell a medicare supplemental policy to an individual entitled to benefits under part A or enrolled under part B, whether directly, through the mail, or otherwise, unless— "(I) the person obtains from the individual, as part of the application for the issuance or purchase and on a form described in clause (ii), a written statement signed by the individual stating, to the best of the individual's knowledge, what health insurance policies the individual has, from what source, and whether the individual is entitled to any medical assistance under title XIX, whether as a qualified medicare beneficiary or otherwise, and "(II) the written statement is accompanied by a written acknowledgment, signed by the seller of the policy, of the request for and receipt of such statement, "(ii) The statement required by clause (i) shall be made on a form that— "(I) states in substance that a medicare-eligible individual does not need more than one medicare supplemental policy, "(II) states in substance that individuals 65 years of age or older may be eligible for benefits under the State medicaid program under title XIX and that such individuals who are entitled to benefits under that program usually do not need a medicare supplemental policy and that benefits and premiums under any such policy shall be suspended upon request of the policyholder during the period (of not longer than 24 months) of entitlement to benefits under such title and may be reinstituted upon loss of such entitlement, and "(III) states that counseling services may be available in the State to provide advice concerning the purchase of medicare supplemental policies and enrollment under the medicaid program and may provide the telephone number for such services. "(iii)(I) Except as provided in subclauses (II) and (III), if the statement required by clause (i) is not obtained or indicates that the individual has another medicare supplemental policy or indicates that the individual is entitled to any medical assistance under title