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104 STAT. 1388-152 PUBLIC LAW 101-508 —NOV. 5, 1990 "(I) American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information; "(II) United States Pharmacopeia-Drug Information; and "(III) American Medical Association Drug Evaluations; and "(ii) the peer-reviewed medical literature. "(C) The Secretary, under the procedures established in section 1903, shall pay to each State an amount equal to 75 per centum of so much of the sums expended by the State plan during calendar years 1991 through 1993 as the Secretary determines is attributable to the statewide adoption of a drug use review program which conforms to the requirements of this subsection. "(D) States shall not be required to perform additional drug use reviews with respect to drugs dispensed to residents of nursing facilities which are in compliance with the drug regimen review procedures prescribed by the Secretary for such facilities in regulations implementing section 1919, currently at section 483.60 of title 42, Code of Federal Regulations. "(2) DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM.—Each drug use review program shall meet the following requirements for covered outpatient drugs: "(A) PROSPECTIVE DRUG REVIEW. —(i) The State plan shall provide for a review of drug therapy before each prescription is filled or delivered to an individual receiving benefits under this title, typically at the point-of-sale or point of distribution. The review shall include screening for potential drug therapy problems due to therapeutic duplication, drug-disease contraindications, drug-drug interactions (including serious interactions with nonprescription or over-the-counter drugs), incorrect drug dosage or duration of drug treatment, drug-allergy interactions, and clinical abuse/misuse. Each State shall use the compendia and literature referred to in paragraph (1)(B) as its source of standards for such review. "(ii) As part of the State's prospective drug use review program under this subparagraph applicable State law shall establish standards for counseling of individuals receiving benefits under this title by pharmacists which includes at least the following: "(I) The pharmacist must offer to discuss with each individual receiving benefits under this title or caregiver of such individual (in person, whenever practicable, or through access to a telephone service which is toll-free for long-distance calls) who presents a prescription, matters which in the exercise of the pharmacist's professional judgment (consistent with State law respecting the provision of such information), the pharmacist deems significant including the following: "(aa) The name and description of the medication. "(bb) The route, dosage form, dosage, route of administration, and duration of drug therapy.