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PUBLIC LAW 101-445—OCT. 22, 1990 104 STAT. 1037 (6) include in the coordinated program each fiscal year an annual interagency budget for each fiscal year of the program; (7) foster productive interaction, with respect to nutrition monitoring and related research, among Federal efforts, State and local government" the private sector, scientific communities, health professionals, and the public; (8)(A) contract with a scientific body, such as the National Academy of Sciences or the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, to interpret available data ansdyses, and publish every two years, or more frequently if appropriate, except as provided in subparagraph (B), a report on the dietary, nutritional, and health-related status of the people of the United States and the nutritional quality (including the nutritive and nonnutritive content) of food consumed in the United States; or (B) if the Secretaries determine that sufficient data analyses are not available to warrant interpretation of such data analy- ses, inform Congress of such fact at the time a report required in subparagraph (A) would have been published, and publish such report at least once every five years; and (9)(A) foster cost recovery management techniques in the coordinated program; and (B) impose appropriate charges and fees for publications of the coordinated program, including print and electronic forms of data and analysis, and use the proceeds of such charges and fees for purposes of the coordinated program (except that no such charge or fee imposed on an educational or other nonprofit organization shall exceed the actual costs incurred by the coordinated program in providing the publications involved), (b) BIENNIAL REPORT.— The Secretaries shall submit to the President for transmittal to Congress by January 15 of each alternate year, beginning with January 15 following the date of the enactment of this Act, a biennial report that shall— (1) evaluate the progress of the coordinated program; (2) summarize the results of such coordinated program components as are developed under section 103; (3) describe and evaluate any policy implications of the analytical findings in the scientific reports required under subsection (a)(8), and future priorities for nutrition monitoring and related research; (4) include in full the annual reports of the Council provided for in section 202; and (5) include an executive summary of the report most recently published by the scientific body, as provided for in subsection (a)(8). SEC. 103. DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN FOR THE NA- TIONAL NUTRITION MONITORING AND RELATED RESEARCH PROGRAM. (a) COMPREHENSIVE PLAN.— The Secretaries, with the advice of the Board, shall prepare and implement a comprehensive plan for the coordinated program which shall be designed to— (1) assess, collate data with respect to, analyze, and report, on a continuous basis, the dietary and nutritional status of the people of the United States, and the trends with respect to such status (dealing with such status and trends separately in the case of preschool and school-age children, pregnant and lactat- Government contracts. Reports. 7 USC 5313. Reports. Infants and children. Aged. Disadvantaged persons. Minorities. Women.