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PUBLIC LAW 101-508—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1388-219 42 USC 1396a note. XVIII of the Social Security Act and nursing facilities receiving payments under a State plan under title XIX of the Social Security Act, and shall include in such study recommendations regarding appropriate minimum ratios. (18) STATE REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO PROGRAMS. — Amend 1919(e)(l)(A) to strike "under clause (i) or (ii) of subsection 42 USC I396r (f)(2)(A) and insert "under subsection (fK2)". (19) EFFECTIVE DATES. — Except as provided in paragraphs (7), (11), and (16), the amendments made by this subsection shall take effect as if they were included in the enactment of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987. TITLE V—INCOME SECURITY, HUMAN RESOURCES, AND RELATED PROGRAMS Subtitle A—Human Resource and Family Policy Amendments SEC. 5001. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Sec. 5001. Table of contents. Sec. 5002. Amendment of Social Security Act. CHAPTER 1—CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT Sec. 5011. Extension of IRS intercept for non-AFDC families. Sec. 5012. Extension of Commission on Interstate Child Support. Sec. 5013. Child support enforcement waiver. CHAPTER 2—UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION Sec. 5021. "Reed Act" provisions made permanent. ' CHAPTER 3—SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME Sec. 5031. Exclusion from income and resources of victims' compensation payments. Sec. 5032. Attainment of age 65 not to serve as basis for termination of eligibility under section 1619(b). Sec. 5033. Exclusion from income of impairment-related work expenses. Sec. 5034. Treatment of royalties and honoraria as earned income. Sec. 5035. Certain State relocation assistance excluded from SSI income and resources. Sec. 5036. Evaluation of child's disability by pediatrician or other qualified specialist. Sec. 5037. Reimbursement for vocational rehabilitation services furnished during certain months of nonpayment of SSI benefits. Sec. 5038. Extension of period of presumptive eligibility for benefits. Sec. 5039. Continuing disability or blindness reviews not required more than once annually. Sec. 5040. Concurrent SSI and food stamp applications by institutionalized individuals. Sec. 5041. Notification of certain individuals eligible to receive retroactive benefits. CHAPTER 4—AID TO FAMIUES wrrn DEPENDENT CHILDREN Sec. 5051. Optional monthly reporting and retrospective budgeting. Sec. 5052. Children receiving foster care maintenance or adoption assistance pay- ments not treated as member of family unit for purposes of determining eligibility for, or amount of, AFDC benefit. Sec. 5053. Elimination of term "legal guardian". Sec. 5054. Reporting of child abuse and neglect.