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104 STAT. 1388-238 PUBLIC LAW 101-508 —NOV. 5, 1990 "(ii) in cases in which the parent selects the option described in clause (i)(I), the child will be enrolled with the eligible provider selected by the parent to the maximum extent practicable; and "(iii) child care certificates offered to parents selecting the option described in clause (i)(II) shall be of a value commensurate with the subsidy value of child care services provided under the option described in clause (i)(I); except that nothing in this subparagraph shall require a State to have a child care certificate program in operation prior to October 1, 1992. "(B) UNLIMITED PARENTAL ACCESS. — Provide Eissurances that procedures are in effect within the State to ensure that child care providers who provide services for which assistance is made available under this subchapter afford parents unlimited access to their children and to the providers caring for their children, during the normal hours of operation of such providers and whenever such children are in the care of such providers. "(C) PARENTAL COMPLAINTS. — Provide assurances that the State maintains a record of substantiated parental complaints and makes information regarding such parental complaints available to the public on request. "(D) CONSUMER EDUCATION.— Provide assurances that consumer education information will be made available to parents and the general public within the State concerning licensing and regulatory requirements, complaint procedures, and policies and practices relative to child care services within the State. " (E) COMPUANCE WITH STATE AND LOCAL REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS.— Provide assurances that— "(i) all providers of child care services within the State for which assistance is provided under this subchapter comply with all licensing or regulatory requirements (including registration requirements) applicable under State and local law; and "(ii) providers within the State that are not required to be licensed or regulated under State or local law are required to be registered with the State prior to pay- ment being made under this subchapter, in accordance with procedures designed to facilitate appropriate pay- ment to such providers, and to permit the State to furnish information to such providers, including information on the availability of health and safety training, technical assistance, and any relevant information pertaining to regulatory requirements in the State, and that such providers shall be permitted to register with the State after selection by the parents of eligible children and before such payment is made. This subparagraph shall not be construed to prohibit a State from imposing more stringent standards and licensing or regulatory requirements on child care providers within the State that provide services for which assistance is provided under this subchapter than the standards or requirements imposed on other child care providers in the State.