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104 STAT. 1388-242 PUBLIC LAW 101-508—NOV. 5, 1990 days that regular instructional services are not in session; and "(B) not be intended to extend or replace the regular academic program. "(c) PRIORITY FOR ASSISTANCE. — In awarding grants and contracts under this section, the State shall give the highest priority to geographic areas within the State that are eligible to receive grants under section 1006 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, and shall then give priority to— "(1) any other areas with concentrations of poverty; and "(2) any areas with very high or very low population densities. 42 USC 9858g. "SEC. 6581. ADMINISTRATION AND ENFORCEMENT. "(a) ADMINISTRATION. — The Secretary shall— "(1) coordinate all activities of the Department of Health and Human Services relating to child care, and, to the maximum extent practicable, coordinate such activities with similar activities of other Federal entities; "(2) collect, publish and make available to the public a listing of State child care standards at least once every 3 years; and "(3) provide technical assistance to assist States to carry out this subchapter, including assistance on a reimbursable basis. "(b) ENFORCEMENT. — "(1) REVIEW OF COMPUANCE WITH STATE PLAN. — The Secretary shall review and monitor State compliance with this subchapter and the plan approved under section 658E(c) for the State, and shall have the power to terminate pa3anents to the State in accordance with paragraph (2). "(2) NONCOMPUANCE. — "(A) IN GENERAL. —If the Secretary, after reasonable notice to a State and opportunity for a hearing, finds that— "(i) there has been a failure by the State to comply substantially with any provision or requirement set forth in the plan approved under section 658E(c) for the State; or "(ii) in the operation of any program for which assistance is provided under this subchapter there is a failure by the State to comply substantially with any provision of this subchapter; the Secretary shall notify the State of the finding and that no further payments may be made to such State under this subchapter (or, in the case of noncompliance in the operation of a program or activity, that no further payments to the State will be made with respect to such program or activity) until the Secretary is satisfied that there is no longer any such failure to comply or that the noncompliance will be promptly corrected. "(B) ADDITIONAL SANCTIONS. — In the case of a finding of noncompliance made pursuant to subparagraph (A), the Secretary may, in addition to imposing the sanctions described in such subparagraph, impose other appropriate sanctions, including recoupment of money improperly expended for purposes prohibited or not authorized by this subchapter, and disqualification from the receipt of financial assistance under this subchapter.