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PUBLIC LAW 101-508—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1388-315 (B) those coastal waters that are threatened by reasonably foreseeable increases in pollution loadings from new or expanding sources. (2) IDENTIFYING CRITICAL COASTAL AREAS. — The identification of, and a continuing process for identifying, critical coastal areas adjacent to coastal waters referred to in paragraph (1)(A) and (B), within which any new land uses or substantial expansion of existing land uses shall be subject to management measures in addition to those provided for in subsection (g). (3) MANAGEMENT MEASURES. —The implementation and continuing revision from time to time of additional management measures applicable to the land uses and areas identified pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2) that are necessary to achieve and maintain applicable water quality standards under section 303 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 1313) and protect designated uses. (4) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.— The provision of technical and other assistance to local governments and the public for implementing the measures referred to in paragraph (3), which may include assistance in developing ordinances and regulations, technical guidance, and modeling to predict and assess the effectiveness of such measures, training, financial incentives, demonstration projects, and other innovations to protect coastal water quality and designated uses. (5) PUBLIC PARTICIPATION.—Opportunities for public participation in all aspects of the program, including the use of public notices and opportunities for comment, nomination procedures, public hearings, technical and financial assistance, public education, and other means. (6) ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATION. — The establishment of mechanisms to improve coordination among State agencies and between State and local officials responsible for land use programs and permitting, water quality permitting and enforcement, habitat protection, and public health and safety, through the use of joint project review, memoranda of agreement, or other mechanisms. (7) STATE COASTAL ZONE BOUNDARY MODIFICATION. —A proposal to modify the boundaries of the State coastal zone as the coastal management agency of the State determines is necessary to implement the recommendations made pursuant to subsection (e). If the coastal management agency does not have the authority to modify such boundaries, the program shall include recommendations for such modifications to the appropriate State authority. (c) PROGRAM SUBMISSION, APPROVAL, AND IMPLEMETATION.— (1) REVIEW AND APPROVAL.— Within 6 months after the date of submission by a State of a program pursuant to this section, the Secretary and the Administrator shall jointly review the program. The program shall be approved if— (A) the Secretary determines that the portions of the program under the authority of the Secretary meet the requirements of this section and the Administrator concurs with that determination; and (B) the Administrator determines that the portions of the program under the authority of the Administrator meet the requirements of this section and the Secretary concurs with that determination.