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PUBLIC LAW 101-508—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1388-353 (2) The table of sections at the beginning of such chapter, as amended by section 8051(b), is further amended by adding at the end the following: "3118. Review of Department of Health suid Human Services death information.". TITLE IX—TRANSPORTATION Subtitle A—Surface Transportation SEC. 9001. SENSE OF CONGRESS THAT HIGHWAY USER TAXES SHOULD BE DEDICATED TO THE HIGHWAY TRUST FUND. (a) FINDINGS.— Congress finds that— (1) highway motor fuel taxes have in the past been dedicated to the Highway Trust Fund and used for the development of the surface transportation system; (2) extraordinary budget pressures have led to consideration of the need for a temporary, 5-year highway motor fuels tax for deficit reduction; (3) any portion of the new taxes deposited into the Highway Trust Fund shall be available to accommodate our country's vital transportation needs; (4) adequate funding of transportation is a key component of a national strategy for economic growth; and (5) use of the highway motor fuels taxes for deficit reduction should be temporary so that we can return as soon as possible to the dedicated user fee principle in order to ensure fairness to highway users and to ensure that needed transportation infrastructure improvements are made. Ob) SENSE OF CONGRESS. —It is the sense of Congress that— (1) any increase in motor fuel excise taxes that are deposited in the Highway Trust Fund shall be available for surface transportation purposes; (2) the Budget Resolutions for fiscal years 1991 through 1995 should accommodate the Nation's transportation needs and the section 302(a) allocations should provide budget authority and outlays attributable to the increase in deposits into the Highway Trust Fund as a result of any increases in motor fuels taxes through implementation of this Act; (3) Congress reaffirms the principle that highway motor fuel taxes should be deposited in the Highway Trust Fund; and (4) to the extent the highway motor fuel taxes are used for deficit reduction during the 5-year period beginning with fiscal year 1991, the Congress should return to the dedicated user fee principle as soon as possible but no later than the end of fiscal year 1995. Subtitle B—Aviation Safety and Capacity Aviation safety •wj^ » and Capacity HiXpanSlOn Expansion Act of 1990. SEC. 9101. SHORT TITLE; TABLE OF CONTENTS. (a) SHORT TITLE. —T h is subtitle may be cited as the "Aviation 49 USC app. Safety and Capacity Expansion Act of 1990". 2201 note. (b) TABLE OF CONTENTS. —