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PUBLIC LAW 101-508 —NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1388-359 depreciation, amortization, or any other method that portion of the capital costs of a project paid for using revenues derived from fees collected pursuant to this subsection for the purpose of establishing a rate, fee, or charge pursuant to a contract between such agency and an air carrier. " (C) FACILITIES FINANCED WITH FEE REVENUES.— With respect to a project for terminal development, gates and related areas, or a facility which is occupied or utilized by 1 or more air carriers on an exclusive or preferential basis, the rates, fees, and charges payable by air carriers which use such facilities shall be no less than the rates, fees, and charges paid by carriers using similar facilities at the airport which were not financed using revenues derived from collection of a fee imposed pursuant to this subsection. "(8) EXCLUSIVITY OF AUTHORITY. — No State or political subdivision or agency thereof which is not a public agency controlling a commercial service airport shall prohibit, limit, or regulate the imposition of fees by the public agency pursuant to this subsection, collection of such fees, or use of revenues derived therefrom. No contract between an air carrier and a public agency which controls a commercial service airport entered into before, on, or after the date of the enactment of this subsection shall impair the authority of the public agency to impose fees pursuant to this subsection and to use the revenues derived from such fees in accordance with this subsection. "(9) NONEXCLUSIVITY OF CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENTS. —No project carried out through the use of a fee collected pursuant to this subsection may be subject to an exclusive long-term lease or use agreement of an air carrier, as defined by the Secretary by regulation. No lease or use agreement of an air carrier with respect to a project constructed or expanded through the use of such fee may restrict the public agency which controls the airport from funding, developing, or assigning new capacity at the airport with revenues derived from fees imposed pursuant to this subsection. " (10) COLLECTION AND HANDUNG OF FEES BY AIR CARRIERS.— The regulations issued by the Secretary to carry out this subsection shall— "(A) require air carriers and their agents to collect fees imposed by public agencies pursuant to this subsection; ' (B) establish procedures regarding handling and remittance of the amounts so collected; "(C) ensure that such amounts are promptly paid to the public agency for which they are collected less a uniform amount determined by the Secretary as reflecting average necessary and reasonable expenses (net of interest accruing to the air carrier and agent after collection and prior to remittance) incurred in the collection and handling of such fees; and "(D) require that the amount of fees collected pursuant to this subsection with respect to any air transportation be noted on the ticket for such air transportation. " (11) APPLICATION PROCESS. — "(A) SUBMISSION. — A public agency which controls a commercial service airport and is interested in imposing a fee pursuant to this subsection shall submit to the Secretary an application for authority to impose such fee.