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104 STAT. 1388-396 PUBLIC LAW 101-508 —NOV. 5, 1990 (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(15)(B)) arriving at any port within the United States aboard a commercial aircraft or cruise ship of such airline or passenger cruise ship line during that calendar quarter. "(3) Neither the estimate of the Secretary under paragraph (2)(A) nor the amount determined by the Secretary under paragraph (2)(B) shall be subject to judicial review. "(c) Each commercial airline and passenger cruise ship line shall remit the fee charged by the Secretary under subsection (b), in United States dollars, no later than 31 days after the close of the calendar quarter of the arrival of the aliens on which the calculation of the fee is based. "(d) The Secretary shall deposit the fees received pursuant to subsection (c) in the general fund of the Treasury as offsetting receipts and ascribed to the travel and tourism activities of the Secretary. "(e) Beginning on October 1, 1992, the aggregate amounts collected for the fee charged under this section shall at least equal the appropriations made for the travel and tourism activities of the Secretary under this Act, but at no time shall the aggregate of amounts collected for any fiscal year under this section exceed 105 percent of the aggregate of appropriations made for such fiscal year for activities to be funded by such fees. "(f) The Secretary may prescribe such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.". (b) CIVIL PENALTIES AND ENFORCEMENT.—The International Travel Act of 1961, as amended by subsection (a), is amended by adding at the end the following: 22 USC 2129. "SEC. 307. (a) Any commercial airline or commercial cruise ship line which is found by the Secretary or the Secretary's designee, after notice and an opportunity for a hearing, to have failed to pay to the Secretary, by the due date, the fee charged by the Secretary under section 3()6(a), may be ordered by the Secretary or the Secretary's designee to pay any fee amount outstanding plus interest on any late payment and, in addition, to pay a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000 for each day payment to the Secretary is not made or was made late. The amount of such civil penalty shall be assessed by the Secretary or the Secretary's designee by written notice. In determining the amount of such penalty, the Secretary or the Secretary's designee shall take into account the nature, circumstances, extent, and gravity of the violation, and, with respect to the violator, the degree of culpability, and history of prior offenses, ability to pay, and such other matters as justice may require. Each day a payment to the Secretary required by this Act is late shall constitute a separate violation of this Act. "(b) If any commercial airline or cruise ship line fails to pay as ordered by the Secretary or the Secretary's designee, the Attorney General may, upon request of the Secretary, bring a civil action in any appropriate United States district court for the recovery of the amount ordered to be paid. "(c) Before requesting the Attorney General to bring a civil action, the Secretary may compromise, modify, or remit, with or without conditions, any civil penalty which is subject to imposition or which has been imposed under subsection (a). "(d) For the purpose of conducting any hearing under subsection (a), the Secretsuy or the Secretary's designee may issue subpoeneis for the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of