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104 STAT. 1070 PUBLIC LAW 101-458—OCT. 24, 1990 Public Law 101-458 101st Congress Joint Resolution Oct. 24, 1990 Designating October 1990 as "Ending Hunger Month". [S.J. Res. 342] Whereas hunger affects the lives of 500,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 people m the world and takes the lives of 13,000,000 to 18,000,000 people each year, 75 percent of whom are children under the age of 5; Whereas, while famines often gain widespread media attention and the subsequent response of the public, little attention is focused on the problem of chronic hunger; Whereas schools and communities should conduct educational programs that lead to the development of viable methods for alleviating hunger; Whereas there is a need to promote continuing activities that increase education and heighten public awareness about the extent of hunger, its causes, and consequences; Whereas a society educated about the pervasiveness of hunger is equipped to respond to the needs of hungry people around the world; and Whereas the United Nations and the United States Congress have designated October 16, 1990, as World Food Day and have called upon all people to take appropriate actions: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That October 1990 is designated as "Ending Hunger Month", and the President of the United States is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe the month with appropriate ceremonies and activities. Approved October 24, 1990. LEGISLATIVE fflSTORY—S.J. Res. 342 (H.J. Res. 610): CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 136 (1990): Sept. 28, considered and passed Senate. Oct. 1, H.J. Res. 610 considered and passed House. Oct. 16, S.J. Res. 342 considered and passed House. 49-139 O - 90 (458)