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PUBLIC LAW 101-459—OCT. 24, 1990 104 STAT. 1071 Public Law 101-459 101st Congress Joint Resolution To designate October 20 through 28, 1990, as "National Red Ribbon Week for a Drug- Oct. 24, 1990 Free America". [S.J. Res. 346] Whereas alcohol and other drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions and is of major concern to all Americans; Whereas alcohol and other drug abuse is a major public health threat and is one of the largest causes of preventable disease, disability, and death in the United States today; Whereas alcohol and other drug abuse costs the United States nearly $100,009,000,000 each year; Whereas illegal drug use is not limited to persons of a particular age, gender, or socioeconomic status, as evidenced by the fact that— (1) 23,000,000 Americans age 12 and over currently use illicit drugs; (2) a nationwide Weekly Reader survey revealed that, of the 68,000 fourth graders polled, 34 percent reported peer pressure to try wine coolers, 41 percent to smoke, and 24 percent to use crack or cocaine; and (3) Americans age 15 to 24 have a higher rate of deaths due to accidents, homicides, and suicides, many of which are related to drug and alcohol abuse, than any other age group; Whereas the drug problem appears to be insurmountable, but the United States has begun to lay the foundation to combat it; Whereas the United States must continue the important strides made to combat alcohol and other drug abuse; Whereas the most recent national polls reveal that— (1) the United States has made progress in combatting alcohol and other drug abuse; (2) there has been a steady decline in the reported use of marijuana on a daily basis by high school seniors since 1979; (3) marijuana use among high school seniors was at its lowest level in 11 years in 1987; (4) there was a significant drop in the use of cocaine in 1987; and (5) the number of high school seniors associating great risk with trying cocaine once or twice rose from 34 percent in 1986 to 48 percent in 1987; Whereas illicit use of stimulants and sedatives continues to decline among high school seniors, college students, and young adults in general; Whereas public opinion polls demonstrate that the American people consider drug abuse one of the most serious domestic problems facing the United States and have begun to take steps to fight it; Whereas the National Federation of Parents for Drug-Free Youth has declared October 20 through 28, 1990, as "National Red Ribbon Week for a Drug-Free America", has organized the National Red Ribbon Campaign to coordinate the week, has established the theme "Line Up to Sign Up for a Drug-free Decade" for 49-139 O - 90 (459)