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104 STAT. 1492 PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 TITLE XIV—GENERAL PROVISIONS PART A—FINANCIAL AND BUDGET MATTERS Sec. 1401. Transfer authority. Sec. 1402. Annual multiyear defense plan. Sec. 1403. Multiyear National Foreign Intelligence Program. Sec. 1404. Mission oriented presentation of Department of Defense matters in the budget. Sec. 1405. Controls on the aveiilability of appropriation accounts. Sec. 1406. Audit of obligated balances of Department of Defense. Sec. 1407. Full life-cycle cost information for all major defense acquisition programs. Sec. 1408. Funds in Defense Cooperation Account. Sec. 1409. Classified annex. PART B—NAVAL VESSELS AND SHIPYARDS Sec. 1421. Procurement limitations with respect to certain equipment for naval vessels. Sec. 1422. Policy for area in which solicitations must be issued for contracts for overhaul, etc., of naval reserve force ships homeported on the west coast. Sec. 1423. Report on use of Mayport Naval Station as homeport for nuclear aircraft carriers. Sec. 1424. Fast sealift program. Sec. 1425. Authorization for naval shipyards and aviation depots to engage in defense-related production and services during fiscal year 1991. Sec. 1426. Naming of guided missile destroyer the U.S.S. Samuel S. Stratton. Sec. 1427. Clarification of procedures for review of certain vessel transfers. PART C—GUARD AND RESERVE INITIATIVE Sec. 1431. Sense of the Congress on greater use of the reserve components of the Armed Forces. Sec. 1432. Findings and sense of Congress regarding the importance of Ready Reserve. Sec. 1433. Commendation of the work of the National Guard and Reserves. Sec. 1434. Sense of Congress concerning United States armored forces. Sec. 1435. Preservation of force structure in the reserve components. Sec. 1436. Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve aircraft. Sec. 1437. P-3 Aircraft. Sec. 1438. Tactical airlift mission. Sec. 1439. Replacement of OV-1 and OV-10 aircraft with A-10 aircraft. PART D—ARMS CONTROL MATTERS Sec. 1441. Sense of Congress on additional nuclear risk reduction measures. Sec. 1442. START and strategic modernization. Sec. 1443. Strategic Arms Reduction Talks agreement. PART E—MATTERS RELATING TO ALUES AND OTHER NATIONS Sec. 1451. Reciprocal logistical support. Sec. 1452. Department of Defense ombudsman for foreign signatories of inter-governmental memorandums of agreement concerning acquisition matters. Sec. 1453. Expansion of scope of requirements relating to defense memoranda of understanding and related agreements. Sec. 1454. Cooperation with Japan on technological research and development. Sec. 1455. Permanent ceiling on United States Armed Forces in Japan and contributions by Japan to the support of United States forces in Japan. Sec. 1456. Limitation on the costs to the United States for payments to foreign nationals employed at bases outside the United States. Sec. 1457. Annual report on United States security arrangements and commitments with other nations. Sec. 1458. Economic sanctions against the Republic of Iraq. Sec. 1459. Humanitarian assistance for Lithuania. PART F—MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS Sec. 1461. Congressional oversight of special access programs. Sec. 1462. Development and production of weapons and weapon systems having standoff attack capabilities and employing sensor-fused devices. Sec. 1463. Authority to reimburse North American Van Lines and the Church of God for certain damages caused during Operation Just Cause.