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PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1497 PART D—INTERNATIONAL FISSILE MATERIAL AND WARHEAD C!ONTROL Sec. 3151. Production of plutonium and highly enriched uranium for nuclear weapons and disposal of nuclear stockpiles. Sec. 3152. Development and demonstration of means for warhead dismantlement verification. PART E—DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY SCIENCE EDUCATION PROGRAMS Sec. 3161. Short title. Sec. 3162. Findings and purposes. Sec. 3163. Mission. Sec. 3164. Science education programs. Sec. 3165. Laboratory cooperative science centers and other authorized education activities. Sec. 3166. Education partnerships. Sec. 3167. Definitions. Sec. 3168. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE XXXII—DEFENSE NUCLEAR FACILITIES SAFETY BOARD AUTHORIZATION Sec. 3201. Authorization. Sec. 3202. Appointment and compensation of scientific and technical personnel of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board. TITLE XXXIII—NATIONAL DEFENSE STOCKPILE Sec. 3301. Authority to barter material in the national defense stockpile to finsmce the upgrading, refining, or processing of stockpile material. Sec. 3302. Transfer of funds. TITLE XXXIV—CIVIL DEFENSE Sec. 3401. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE XXXV—PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION Sec. 3501. Short title. Sec. 3502. Authorization of expenditures. Sec. 3503. General provisions. Sec. 3504. Compensation for Board members. Sec. 3505. Compensation for Deputy Administrator and Chief Engineer. Sec. 3506. Retirement. Sec. 3507. Amendments to Panama Canal Compensation Fund Act of 1988. DIVISION D—ECONOMIC ADJUSTMENT, DIVERSIFICATION, CONVERSION, AND STABILIZATION Sec. 4001. Short title. Sec. 4002. Findings and policy. Sec. 4003. Definitions. Sec. 4004. Continuation of EJconomic Adjustment Committee. TITLE XLI—ECONOMIC ADJUSTMENT PLANNING Sec. 4101. Notification. Sec. 4102. Economic adjustment planning assistance through the Department of Defense. Sec. 4103. Community economic adjustment assistance through the Economic Development Administration. TITLE XLII—ADJUSTMENT ASSISTANCE FOR EMPLOYEES Sec. 4201. Secretary of Defense notice requirement. Sec. 4202. Defense conversion adjustment program. Sec. 4203. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE XLm—EXPANSION OF BUSINESS CAPITAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS Sec. 4301. Expansion of small business loan program. Sec. 4302. Economic planning assistance for exceptional projects. Sec. 4303. Expansion of export financing for goods and services produced by firms and employees formerly engaged in defense production. Sec. 4304. Benefit information for businesses.