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104 STAT. 1638 PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act. 10 USC 1701 note. Shield shall be $100,000 (rather than the amount specified in section 2304(g)(2) of title 10, United States Code). (b) SMALL PURCHASE PROCUREMENT THRESHOLD DEFINED.— For purposes of this section, the term "small purchase procurement threshold" means the maximum amount of a purchase or contract for which the special simplified procurement procedures established pursuant to section 2304(g)(1) of title 10, United States Code, may be used. TITLE XII—DEFENSE ACQUISITION WORKFORCE 'Defense Acquisition Workforce SEC. 1201. SHORT TITLE This title may be cited as the Improvement Act". SEC. 1202. DEFENSE ACQUISITION WORKFORCE (a) DEFENSE ACQUISITION WORKFORCE.— Subtitle A of title 10, United States Code, is amended by inserting after chapter 85 the following new section: "CHAPTER 87—DEFENSE ACQUISITION WORKFORCE "Subchapter Sec. "I. General Authorities and Responsibilities 1701 "II. Defense Acquisition Positions 1721 "III. Acquisition Corps 1731 " IV. Education and Training 1741 "V. General Management Provisions 1761 "SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES "Sec. "1701. Management policies. "1702. Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition: authorities and responsibilities. "1703. Director of Acquisition Education, Training, and Career Development. "1704. Service acquisition executives: authorities and responsibilities. "1705. Directors of Acquisition Career Management in the military departments. " 1706. Acquisition career program boards. "1707. Personnel in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and in the Defense Agencies. " § 1701. Management policies "(a) POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. — The Secretary of Defense shall establish policies and procedures for the effective management (including accession, education, training, and career development) of persons serving in acquisition positions in the Department of Defense. "(b) UNIFORM IMPLEMENTATION. — The Secretary shall ensure that, to the maximum extent practicable, acquisition workforce policies and procedures established in accordance with this chapter are uniform in their implementation throughout the Department of Defense. "§ 1702. Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition: authorities and responsibilities "Subject to the authority, direction, and control of the Secretary of Defense, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition shall carry out all powers, functions, and duties of the Secretary of