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104 STAT. 1684. PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 or under contract to be built pursuant to this section, the use of such vessels, and the operating experience and manning of such vessels. (3) The reports under paragraphs (1) and (2) shall be prepared in consultation with the Administrator of the Maritime Administration. (e) AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS. — Amounts appropriated to the Department of Defense for any fiscal year for acquisition of fast sealift vessels may be used for the program under this section. SEC. 1425. AUTHORIZATION FOR NAVAL SHIPYARDS AND AVIATION DEPOTS TO ENGAGE IN DEFENSE-RELATED PRODUCTION AND SERVICES DURING FISCAL YEAR 1991 (a) AUTHORITY TO BID.— During fiscal year 1991, naval shipyards and Army, Navy, and Air Force aviation depots may, subject to the discretion of the Secretary of Defense, compete for contracts for the production of defense-related articles and contracts for the provision of services related to defense programs. (b) REQUIRED ESTIMATES OF COST FACTORS. —The Secretary of the military department concerned shall ensure that any bid by a naval shipyard or an aviation depot on a contract referred to in subsection (a) includes estimates for all direct and indirect cost factors, including all direct and indirect cost factors included in bids submitted by private firms. Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76 shall not apply to competitions conducted under the authority of this section. (c) LIMITATION.—T his section shall not apply if the Secretary of the military department concerned determines that there are not adequate facilities or personnel available at naval shipyards or aviation depots, as the case may be, to provide the required articles. (d) DEFENSE-RELATED ARTICLES COVERED. —For purposes of this section, the term "defense-related articles" does not include— (1) ship construction, overhaul, repair, and maintenance, (2) ship refueling, (3) aircraft maintenance and repair, and (4) aircraft engine manufacture, overhaul, and repair. SEC. 1426. NAMING OF GUIDED MISSILE DESTROYER THE U.S.S. SAMUEL S. STRATTON (a) FINDINGS. —The Congress finds that— (1) the late Honorable Samuel S. Stratton served the people of the United States and the 23d District of New York as a Member of the House of Representatives for 30 consecutive years with loyalty, dedication, and warm personal friendship until his retirement at the conclusion of the 100th Congress; (2) Samuel S. Stratton served as a member of the Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives for 30 years and did so with total dedication to the goal of maintaining a strong national defense; (3) as a member of the Committee on Armed Services, Samuel S. Stratton served as chairman of three permanent subcommittees (the Military Personnel and Compensation Subcommittee, the Investigations Subcommittee, and the Procurement and Military Nuclear Systems Subcommittee) and as chairman of no fewer than five special subcommittees and panels having a major effect on every aspect of our country's defense establishment;