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PUBLIC LAW 101-510—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1831 such project at least 30 days before any funds are obligated for design services for such project. (b) SPECIFIC AUTHORITY REQUIRED.— In any case in which the total estimated cost for advance planning and construction design in connection with any construction project exceeds $2,000,000, funds for such planning and design must be specifically authorized by law. SEC. 3126. AUTHORITY FOR EMERGENCY CONSTRUCTION DESIGN In addition to the advance planning and construction design authorized by sections 3102 and 3103, the Secretary of Energy may perform planning and design utilizing available funds for any Department of Energy defense activity construction project whenever the Secretary determines that the design must proceed expeditiously in order to meet the needs of national defense or to protect property or human life. SEC. 3127. FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR ALL NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAMS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Subject to the provisions of appropriation Acts and section 3121, amounts appropriated pursuant to this title for management and support activities and for general plant projects are available for use, when necessary, in connection with all national security programs of the Department of Energy. SEC. 3128. AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS When so specified in an appropriation Act, amounts appropriated for operating expenses or for plant and capital equipment may remain available until expended. PART C—MISCELLANEOUS SEC. 3131. REMANUFACTURE OF NUCLEAR STOCKPILE WEAPONS (a) REPORT ON REMANUFACTURE OF NUCLEAR STOCKPILE WEAP- ONS.— The Secretary of Energy, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, shall prepare a report on remanufacture of nuclear stockpile weapons that will require replacement at the end of their stockpile life. The report shall include the following information: (1) A specification of the nuclear warheads and bombs now in the stockpile which will not be replaced at the end of their stockpile life. (2) A case-by-case analysis of the technical requirements and estimated costs to prepare for the remanufacture of each certified nuclear weapon design scheduled for retention in the stockpile. (3) A specification of certified weapons designs designated for retention in paragraph (2) that could be remanufactured and recertified for the stockpile without conducting a nuclear explosive test. (4) Identification of those certified weapons designs included in paragraph (2) requiring changes to permit remanufacture which could be recertified with a single nuclear explosive proof test to demonstrate proper performance, and the minimum essential yield for each such test. (5) Identification of those certified weapon designs planned for retention in paragraph (2) requiring modification for remanufacture to the degree that more than one test is indicated to