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104 STAT. 1906 PUBLIC LAW 101-511—NOV. 5, 1990 (1) to establish a strategy, plan and priority list for identifying and managing all significant biological, geophysical, cultural and historical resources existing on, or involving, all Department of Defense lands, facilities and property; (2) to provide for the stewardship of all Department of Defense controlled or managed air, land and water resources; (3) to protect significant biological systems and species, including but not limited to, those contained on the Federal endangered list and those which are candidates for that list; (4) to establish a standard Department of Defense methodology for the collection, storage and retrieval of all biological, geophysical, cultural and historical resource information which, in the case of biological information, should be compatible with that used by State Natural Heritage Programs; (5) to establish programs to protect, inventory and conserve the artifacts of Native American civilization, settler communities and others deemed to have historical, cultural or spiritual significance; (6) to establish inventories of all scientifically significant biological, geophysical, cultural and historical assets on Department of Defense lands. In addition to the specific attributes of the asset, these inventories are to catalog their scientific and/or cultural significance, as well as their inter-relationship to the surrounding environment, including the military mission carried out on the land upon which they reside; (7) to establish programs for the restoration and rehabilitation of altered or degraded habitats; (8) to establish educational, public access and recreation programs designed to increase public appreciation, awareness and support for these national environmental initiatives; and (9) to establish and coordinate by fiscal year 1993 with other Federal departments, agencies and entities a project to inventory, protect and conserve the physical and literary property and relics of the Department of Defense, in the United States and overseas, connected with the origins and development of the Cold War, which are not already being carried out by other capable institutions or programs. (c) The "Legacy Resource Management Program" shall be established under the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment. (d) The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment shall seek the participation of Department of Defense components in the implementation of the Legacy Resource Management Program. (e) $10,000,000 appropriated for "Operation and Maintenance, Defense Agencies" shall be available only for the establishment and support of the Legacy Resource Management Program. William Langer SEC. 8121. Of the funds available in this Act for the Defense Jewel Bearing Logistics Agency, $2,400,000 is available only for acquisition of jewel ^^^"*' bearings from the William Langer Jewel Bearing Plant, SEC. 8122. None of the funds available in this Act may be used to support and maintain more than 261,855 United States military personnel permanently assigned ashore in Europe on September 30, 1991: Provided, That the President may waive up to 50,000 of this 261,855 ceiling if it is determined that national security interests require such action and the Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate are notified.