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PUBLIC LAW 101-513—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1993 provision of law, for economic assistance for Eastern Europe as follows— (1) $113,675,000 shall be provided for technical assistance and training, including such activities as support for labor activities, scholarship programs, medical assistance, and support for private sector development; (2) $15,000,000 shall be provided for technical and other assistance to support housing sectors; (3) $75,000,000 shall be provided for environment and energy activities, with emphasis on assistance in developing policies encouraging, and providing incentives for, end-use energy efficiency (including preparation of least-cost energy plans), conservation, and reliance on renewable energy resources, and further including training, technical assistance for related energy and environmental investments or regulation, local production of environmental or energy-related equipment, promotion of United States technologies, and dealing with health problems directly associated with pollution; (4) $19,000,000 shall be provided for activities to foster democratic pluralism, including support, based on recommendations of the bipartisan joint leadership of Congress for the newly elected parliaments in Eastern Europe through, among other things, exchanges involving members, staff, and support agencies of Congress and the parliaments in Eastern Europe; (5) $90,000,000 shall be provided for the Polish-American and Hungarian-American Enterprise Funds; (6) $27,000,000 shall be provided for other private enterprise activities, with emphasis on technical assistance and training for development of market-oriented policies, restructuring and creation of financial institutions (such as stock markets, insurance companies and banks), creation and management of private business organizations, and privatization of state business organizations; and (7) $40,000,000, of which $10,000,000 shall be derived by transfer from funds provided for environment and energy activities under this heading, and which shall be provided for agricultural and rural development activities, with emphasis on technical assistance and training for development of rural economies and market-oriented policies, restructuring and creation of agricultural ^ancial institutions and marketing systems, development of food processing, food transport and food storage systems, creation and management of agribusiness organizations (including farmer-owned cooperatives), and privatization of state farms, agribusiness and credit institutions. (b)(1) Funds allocated by this Act for any of the paragraphs under subsection (a) may be reallocated for the purposes of any other such paragraph if, at least 15 days prior to such reallocation, the (Dommittees on Appropriations are notified in accordance with regular notification procedures. (2) None of the funds appropriated under this heading shall be made available except as provided through the regular notification procedures of the (>)mmittees on Appropriations. (3) Not more than 50 per centum of the funds provided under subsections (a)(1) and (3) which are made available for environment and health-related assistance activities may be made available for any single country. 39-194O-91- 21:QL3Part3