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PUBLIC LAW 101-513—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 2027 upon the needs and capabilities of the African people, promotes sustained and equitable economic growth, preserves the environment, and protects the rights of the individual. "(b) AUTHORITY TO FURNISH ASSISTANCE. —The President is authorized to furnish project and program assistance, on such terms and conditions as he may determine in accordance with the policies contained in this section, for long-term development in sub-Saharan Africa. " (c) PURPOSE OF ASSISTANCE. — "(1) PURPOSE. —The purpose of assistance under this section shall be to help the poor majority of men and women in sub- Saharan Africa to participate in a process of long-term development through economic growth that is equitable, participatory, environmentally sustainable, and self-reliant. " (2) USE OF ASSISTANCE TO ENCOURAGE PRIVATE SECTOR DEVEL- OPMENT.— Assistance under this section should, in a manner consistent with paragraph (1), be used to promote sustained economic growth, encourage private sector development, promote individual initiatives, and help to reduce the role of central governments in areas more appropriate for the private sector. "(d) APPLICATION OF DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE GENERAL AUTHORI- TIES AND POLICIES.— Except to the extent inconsistent with this section— "(1) any reference in any law to chapter 1 of this part (including references to sections 103 through 106) shall be deemed to include a reference to this section; and "(2) assistance under this section shall be provided consistent with the policies contained in section 102. "(e) PRIVATE AND VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATIONS. — " (1) CONSULTATION TO ENSURE LOCAL PERSPECTIVES. — The Agency for International Development shall take into account the local-level perspectives of the rural and urban poor in sub- Saharan Africa, including women, during the planning process for project and program assistance under this section. In order to gain that perspective the Agency for International Development should consult closely with African, United States, and other private and voluntary organizations that have demonstrated effectiveness in or commitment to the promotion of local, grassroots activities on behalf of long-term development in sub-Saharan Africa as described in subsection (c). " (2) DEFINITION OF PRIVATE AND VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATIONS.— For purposes of this section, the term "private and voluntary organization" includes (in addition to entities traditionally considered to be private and voluntary organizations) cooperatives, credit unions, trade unions, women's groups, nonprofit development research institutions, and indigenous local organizations, which are private and nonprofit. "(f) LOCAL INVOLVEMENT IN PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION. —Local people, including women, shall be closely consulted and involved in the implementetion of every project under this section which as a local focus. "(g) PARTICIPATION OF AFRICAN WOMEN.—The Agency for International Development shall ensure that development activities assisted under this section incorporate a significant expansion of the participation (including decisionmaking) and integration of African women in each of the critical sectors described in subsection (i).