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PUBLIC LAW 101-513—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 2029 "(ii) Support for efforts at national and regional levels to provide technical and other support for projects of the kinds described in clause (i) and to strengthen the capacities of African countries to provide effective extension and other services in support of environmentally sustainable increases in food production. "(iii) Support for special training and education ef- forts to improve the capacity of countries in sub-Saharan Africa to manage their own environments and natural resources. "(iv) Support for low-cost desalination activities in order to increase the availability of fresh water sources in sub-Saharan Africa. "(2) HEALTH. —Improving health conditions, with specisil emphasis on meeting the hesilth needs of mothers and children (including displaced children) through the establishment of primary health care systems that give priority to preventive health and that will be ultimately self-sustaining. "(3) VOLUNTARY FAMILY PLANNING SERVICES.— Providing increased access to voluntary family planning services, including encouragement of private, community, and local government initiatives. "(4) EDUCATION. —Improving the relevance, equity, and efficiency of education, with special emphasis on improving primary education. "(5) INCOME-GENERATING OPPORTUNITIES. —Developing incomegenerating opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed in urban and rural areas through, among other things, support for off-farm employment opportunities in microand small-scale labor-intensive enterprises, "(j) MINIMUM LEVELS OF ASSISTANCE FOR CERTAIN CRITICAL SEC- TORS. —The Agency for International Development should target the equivalent of 10 percent of the amount authorized to be appropriated for each fiscal year to carry out this chapter for each of the following: "(1) The activities described in subsection (i)(l)(B), including identifiable components of agricultural production projects. "(2) The activities described in subsection (i)(2). "(3) The activities described in subsection (i)(3). "(k) EFFECTIVE USE OF ASSISTANCE.— Assistance provided under this section shall be concentrated in countries which will make the most effective use of such assistance in order to fulfill the purpose specified in subsection (c), especially those countries (including those of the Sahel region) having the greatest need for outside assistance. "(1) PROMOTION OF REGIONAL INTEGRATION. —Assistance under this section shall, to the extent consistent with this section, include assistance to promote the regional and subregional integration of African production structures, markets, and infrastructure. "(m) DONOR COORDINATION MECHANISM. — Funds made available to carry out this section may be used to assist the governments of countries in sub-Saharan Africa to increase their capacity to participate effectively in donor coordination mechanisms at the country, regional, and sector levels. " (n) RELATION TO OTHER AUTHORITIES. — "(1) ASSISTANCE UNDER OTHER AUTHORITIES. —The authority granted by this section to provide assistance for long-term