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PUBLIC LAW 101-513—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 2067 gate from established standards of due process, the rights of the accused to a fair trial and the sovereignty of individual nations. (c) The President shall report to the Congress by October 1, 1991, the results of his efforts in regard to the establishment of an International Criminal Court to deal with criminal acts defined in international conventions. (d) The Judicial Conference of the United States shall report to the Congress by October 1, 1991, on the feasibility of, and the relationship to, the Federal judiciary of an International Criminal Court. President. Reports. Reports. PROGRESS AND LEADERSHIP OF THE CITIZENS DEMOCRACY CORPS SEC. 599F. The President shall report to Congress the name of a qualified individual from the private sector who will serve as the Chairman of the Citizens Democracy Corps (CDC) Commission who will select other private citizens from business, educational, agricultural, voluntary, or philanthropic activities to serve on the Commission; and by December 15, 1990, the President shall submit a report to Congress regarding the CDC's strategic implementation plan, to include: (1) private sector funding; (2) cumulative and planned government funding; (3) a strategy and timetable for making the CDC self-financing through private donations; (4) details on CDC volunteer assignments and assignment priorities in Eastern Europe; and (5) a plan for acquiring state and Federal charters for the CDC. President. Reports. POLAND SEC. 599G. (a)(l) The freely-elected Government of Poland has reshaped the country's economic policies with great courage and consistency in a manner that will foster the establishment of a functioning market economy in the near future; (2) the Government of Poland and people alike have proven their willingness to endure economic hardships, such as a marked drop in the standard of living, in employment levels, and in the nation's industrial output, in order to create the necessary conditions for a comprehensive economic reform; (3) the economic program is based on the recognition of the Polish authorities that a stable and easily convertible currency is paramount to the economic transformation of Poland; (4) inflation in Poland has actually declined and the budget deficit been reduced as a consequence of the determination of Poland's policy makers; (5) private ownership of the means of production has been achieved on a broad basis; (6) the continued success of economic reform hinges upon tangible improvements in the economic conditions for each and every citizen; (7) private sector companies from the United States and elsewhere have responded very favorably to the Government of Poland's determination to bring about meaningful reform; (8) the greatest challenge for the new government is to service the staggering debt run up by the previous communist regime; and (9) the servicing of this debt out of current revenues endangers a successful completion of the reform process because it consumes a large part of the resources needed for economic expansion: Now, therefore, be it (b) The sense of the Congress that—