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104 STAT. 2120 PUBLIC LAW 101-515—NOV. 5, 1990 SEC. 209. None of the funds transferred from the Assets Forfeiture Fund of the Department of Justice and deposited in the Special Forfeiture Fund of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and none of the funds made available by this Act, shall be available for personnel expenses, construction, acquisition of equipment or real property, or any related expenses for a National Drug Intelligence Center. SEC. 210. (a) Section 286 of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1356), as amended, is further amended— (1) by inserting in subsection (e)(1), after the word "passenger" the phrase ", other than aircraft passengers,"; Air rates and (2) by inserting ", except the fourth quarter payment for fees ^^^'^- collected from airline passengers shall be made on the date that is ten days before the end of the fiscal year, and the first quarter payment shall include any collections made in the preceding quarter that were not remitted with the previous payment" after the words "in which fees are collected" in subsection (fK3); (3) by inserting ", within forty-five minutes of their presentation for inspection," after the word "provided" and before the words "when needed" in subsection (g); (4) by striking the first two sentences of subsection (h)(1)(A) and inserting "There is established in the general fund of the Treasury a separate account which shall be known as the 'Immigration User Fee Account'. Notwithstanding any other section of this title, there shall be deposited as offsetting receipts into the Immigration User Fee Account all fees collected under subsection (d) of this section, to remain available until expended" before the words "At the end of each 2-year period". (5) by replacing the previously repealed subsection (1) with the following new subsection— "(1) REPORT TO CONGRESS. — In addition to the reporting requirements established pursuant to subsection (h), the Attorney General shall prepare and submit annually to the Congress, not later than March 31st of each year, a statement of the financial condition of the 'Immigration User Fee Account' including beginning account balance, revenues, withdrawals and their purpose, ending balance, projections for the ensuing fiscal year and a full and complete workload analysis showing on a port by port basis the current and projected need for inspectors. The statement shall indicate the success rate of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in meeting the forty-five minute inspection standard and shall provide detailed statistics regarding the number of passengers inspected within the standard, progress that is being made to expand the utilization of United States citizen by-pass, the number of passengers for whom the standard is not met and the length of their delay, locational breakdown of these statistics and the steps being taken to correct any nonconformity.". 8 USC 1356 note. (b) The amendment made by subsection (a)(1) of this section shall apply to fees charged only with respect to immigration inspection or preinspection services rendered in regard to arriving passengers using transportation for which documents or tickets were issued after November 30, 1990. (c) Pursuant to section 202(b) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Reaffirmation Act of 1987, the amendments made by this section which transfer receipts from one fiscal year to