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104 STAT. 2244 PUBLIC LAW 101-519—NOV. 5, 1990 FAMILY HOUSING, DEFENSE AGENCIES (INCLUDING RESCISSIONS) For expenses of family housing for the activities and agencies of the Department of Defense (other than the military departments) for construction, including acquisition, replacement, addition, expansion, extension and alteration and for operation and maintenance, leasing, and minor construction, as authorized by law, as follows: for Construction, $500,000; for Operation and maintenance, $20,514,000; in all $21,014,000: Provided, That the amount provided for construction shall remain available until September 30, 1995: Provided further. That of the funds appropriated for "Family Housing, Defense Agencies" under Public Law 101-148, $300,000 is hereby rescinded. HOMEOWNERS ASSISTANCE FUND, DEFENSE For use in the Homeowners Assistance Fund established pursuant to section 1013(d) of the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966 (Public Law 89-754, as amended), $5,100,000, to remain available until expended. BASE REAUGNMENT AND CLOSURE ACCOUNT For deposit into the Department of Defense Base Closure Account established by section 207(a)(1) of the Defense Authorization Amendments and Base Closure and Realignment Act (Public Law 100-526), $998,100,000, to remain available for obligation until September 30, 1995: Provided, That none of these funds may be obligated for beise realignment and closure activities under Public Law 100-526 which would cause the Department's $2,400,000,000 cost estimate for military construction and family housing related to the Base Realignment and Closure Program to be exceeded: Provided further. That $100,000,000 of the funds appropriated herein shall be available solely for environmental restoration. GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 101. None of the funds appropriated in this Act shall be expended for payments under a cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contract for work, where cost estimates exceed $25,000, to be performed within the United States, except Alaska, without the specific approval in writing of the Secretary of Defense setting forth the reasons therefor. SEC. 102. Funds herein appropriated to the Department of Defense for construction shall be available for hire of passenger motor vehicles. SEC. 103. Funds appropriated to the Department of Defense for construction may be used for advances to the Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transportation, for the construction of access roads as authorized by section 210 of title 23, United States Code, when projects authorized therein are certified as important to the national defense by the Secretary of Defense. SEC. 104. None of the funds appropriated in this Act may be used to begin construction of new bases inside the continental United States for which specific appropriations have not been made.