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104 STAT. 2316 PUBLIC LAW 101-527—NOV. 6, 1990 " (g) CONSULTATION WITH RESIDENTS.—The Secretary may not make a grant under subsection (a) unless, with respect to the residents of the public housing involved, the applicant for the grant— "(1) has consulted with the residents in the preparation of the application for the grant; and "(2) agrees to provide for ongoing consultation with the residents regarding the planning and administration of the program carried out with the grant. " (h) RESTRICTIONS ON USE OF GRANT FUNDS.— "(1) The Secretary may not, except as provided in paragraph (2), make a grant under subsection (a) to an applicant unless the applicant agrees that amounts received pursuant to such subsection will not, directly or through contract, be expended— "(A) for any purpose other than the purposes authorized in this section; "(B) to provide inpatient services; "(C) to make cash payments to intended recipients of services under this section; or "(D) to purchase or improve real property (other than minor remodeling of existing improvements to real property) or to purchase major medical equipment or motor vehicles. "(2) If the Secretary finds that the purpose described in subsection (a) cannot otherwise be carried out, the Secretary may, with respect to an otherwise qualified applicant, waive the restriction established in paragraph (1)(D). "(i) LIMITATION ON CHARGES FOR SERVICES.— The Secretary may not make a grant under subsection (a) to an applicant unless the applicant agrees that, whether the services are provided directly or through contract— "(1) services under the grant will be provided without regard to ability to pay for the services; and "(2) if a charge is imposed for the delivery of the services, such charge— "(A) will be made according to a schedule of charges that is made available to the public; "(B) will not be imposed on any resident of public housing with an income less than the official poverty level; and "(C) will be adjusted to reflect the income and resources of the resident of public housing involved. "(j) REQUIREMENTS REGARDING ADMINISTRATION. — The Secretary may not make a grant under subsection (a) to an applicant unless the applicant— "(1) agrees to establish such procedures for fiscal control and fund accounting as may be necessary to ensure proper disbursement and accounting with respect to the grant; "(2) agrees to establish an ongoing program of quality assurance with respect to the services provided under the grant; "(3) agrees to ensure the confidentiality of records maintained on residents of public housing that are receiving such services; "(4) with respect to providing services to any population of such residents a substantial portion of which has a limited ability to speak the English language— "(A) has developed and has the ability to carry out a reasonable plan to provide services under the grant through individuals who are able to communicate with the