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PUBLIC LAW 101-640—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4609 by non-Federal interests shall be credited to the non-Federal share. Construction of the project element authorized by this subparagraph may be undertaken in advance of the other project features and shall not await implementation of the overall project. (C) WETLANDS BANK. — (i) PURPOSES.—The purposes of this subparagraph are to evEduate and demonstrate, for application on a national basis, the feasibility of and methods of obtaining an interim goal of no overall net loss of the Nation's remaining wetlands base and a long-term goal to increase the quality and quantity of the Nation's wetlands; of restoring and creating wetlands; of developing public and private initiatives to search out opportunities of restoring, preserving, and enhancing wetlands; and of improving understanding of the function of wetlands ecosystems in order to improve the effectiveness of the Nation's wetlands program, including evaluating the functions and values of wetlands, assessing cumulative impacts and the effectiveness of protection programs, and wetlands restoration and creation techniques. (ii) ESTABLISHMENT.— The State of New Jersey shall establish a Passaic River Central Basin Wetlands Bank (hereinafter in this paragraph referred to as the "Wetlands Bank") to be comprised of lands which are acquired before, on, or after the date of the enactment of this Act by the State or any other non-Federal interest and which lie within the Passaic River Central Basin, New Jersey, natural storage area discussed in the report of the Chief Engineers and the Phase I General Design Memorandum. (iii) USE. — The Wetlands Bank shall be available for mitigation purposes required under Federal or State law with respect to non-Federal activities carried out in the State. (iv) COMPENSATION. — The State may receive compensation for making lands available under clause (iii). (v) STATE OWNERSHIP AND OPERATION. —The State shall continue to own and operate, consistent with the purposes of the project authorized by this paragraph, lands made available for mitigation purposes under clause (iii). (vi) ACQUISITION OF ADDITIONAL LANDS. — The State or other non-Federal interests may acquire for the Wetlands Bank additional lands which are in, adjacent to, or provide drainage for runoff and streamflows into the storage area described in clause (ii) and may use funds provided by sources other than the State for such purpose. Such lands shall include transition and buffer areas adjacent to the Central Basin natural storage wetlands and other Passaic River Basin areas, including the Rockaway, Pequannock, Ramapo, and Wanaque River watershed areas. (vii) CREDIT.— The fair market value of lands acquired by the State or other non-Federal interests in the storage area described in clause (ii) before, on, or