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104 STAT. 4632 PUBLIC LAW 101-640—NOV. 28, 1990 SEC. 202. IRA D. MACLACHLAN AMERICAN LEGION POST, SAULT SAINTE MARIE, MICHIGAN. The Secretary shall convey to the Commandant of the Coast Guard the parcel of land described in the Act of June 5, 1936 (49 Stat. 1481), and the building located thereon for use as a clubhouse for the local American Legion Post of Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. SEC. 203. ABERDEEN, WASHINGTON. (a) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary may transfer to the city of Aberdeen, Washington, by quitclaim deed, all rights, interests, and title of the United States in the approximately 570.5 acres of land under the administrative jurisdiction of the Department of the Army acquired for the purposes of the project for Wynoochee Lake, Wynoochee River, Washington, authorized by section 203 of the Flood Control Act of 1962 (76 Stat. 1193), together with any improvements thereon. (b) CONDITIONS. — A transfer under this section shall be subject to the following conditions: Regulations. (1) The city shall operate, maintain, repair, replace, and rehabilitate the project in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary which are consistent with the project's authorized purposes, including fish and wildlife mitigation. (2) The city shall hold and save the United States free from any claims or damages resulting from the operation, maintenance, repair, or rehabilitation of the project by the city or its contractors. (3) If the city uses the land transferred under this section for any purpose other than the project's authorized purposes or generation of hydropower or fails to comply with paragraph (1) or (2), the Secretary shall notify the city of such use or failure. If the city does not correct such nonconforming use or failure during the 1-year period beginning on the date of such notification, the Secretary shall have a right of reverter to reclaim possession and title to the land transferred under this section. (c) LIMITATION. —No transfer under this section may be made until the Secretary has determined that the city can operate, maintain, repair, replace, and rehabilitate the project. (d) REPAYMENT OF CAPITAL COSTS. —Nothing in this section shall be construed to relieve the city of its obligations under the project contract to repay the capital costs of the project allocated to water supply. The Secretary may negotiate a cash settlement to allow the city to prepay the present value of the payments for capital costs due under the contract. SEC. 204. RELEASE OF REVERSIONARY INTEREST TO CLAY COUNTY, GEORGIA. (a) IN GENERAL.— Subject to the condition stated in subsection (b) and notwithstanding the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (40 U.S.C. 471 et seq.) and section 108 of the River and Harbor Act of 1960 (33 U.S.C. 578), the Secretary shall release to Clay County, Georgia, without reimbursement, the reversionary interest of the United States in approximately 50 acres of land in the deed described in subsection (c). (b) CONDITION. — (1) REPLACEMENT REVERSIONARY INTEREST. —The condition referred to in subsection (a) is that Clay County, Georgia, agree to an amendment of the deed described in subsection (c) by which